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The Case for Liberty – Phil Anderson for WI

Phil Anderson is exactly the solution Wisconsin needs to their current budget crisis caused by Scott Walker and his excessive mandates.

Justin Tucker: All Politics is Local

Justin Tucker, Chair of the Illinois Libertarian Party, is running for Illinois State Representatives in District Four.

How #GoldRush2018 Could Save the Supreme Court

Electing Libertarians to the Senate is the best way to depoliticize our Supreme Court.

Weld Didn’t Endorse Hillary, Did He?

Did Bill Weld sell out to the Democrats or stand for the Libertarian message to the very end?

Joe Hannoush – Libertarian for Florida House District Twenty-Five

Joe Hannoush is the Libertarian candidate for District Twenty-Five of the Florida House of Representatives.

Dear New York: Elect Larry Sharpe

A "New" New York Message

A New Hope for Congress – Jason Hope for House of Reps

An interview with Jason Hope, Texan candidate for House of Representatives

An Honest Plan for the Future of Our Liberty

How can we spread the message of freedom?

Larry Sharpe Is The New Libertarian Standard

Mr. Sharpe's campaign for NY Governor has been one of the finest in recent LP memory.

Libertarian Candidate Calls Gay People “Disgusting”

Candidate says that "f__s are disgusting"