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America's youth

The Democratic Party Doesn’t Care about America’s Youth

The Democratic Party claims to care about America's youth, but their policies prove that they would only make things a lot worse.

Justin Tucker: All Politics is Local

Justin Tucker, Chair of the Illinois Libertarian Party, is running for Illinois State Representatives in District Four.

How #GoldRush2018 Could Save the Supreme Court

Electing Libertarians to the Senate is the best way to depoliticize our Supreme Court.

A New Hope for Congress – Jason Hope for House of Reps

An interview with Jason Hope, Texan candidate for House of Representatives

Hanging Out With Larry Sharpe

An interview with gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe.


2018: A Breakout Year for Libertarians Like Larry Sharpe?

Although Johnson felt to many libertarians like a let down, 2018 may be the year to bounce back.


New Mexican Libertarians Achieve Major Party Status

A Major Win For The Libertarian Party of New Mexico Means Easier Ballot Access

2018: The Year of Monero?

2017 was the year of Bitcoin - but will 2018 be the year of Monero?


Democrats won’t win the Senate back in 2018. Here’s why.

The Democrats have a very low chance of taking back the United States Senate in 2018