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Governor Bill Weld Republican 2020 president

Governor Bill Weld Is the Best Libertarian Choice in 2020

Though he is not a member of the Libertarian Party, Former Governor Bill Weld has a proven record of defending liberty and will do so as president.

Bill Weld 2020 exploratory comittee presidential bid

Bill Weld Announces 2020 Exploratory Committee

After weeks of consideration, Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld is taking the first steps to challenge President Trump to a primary.

Happy Birthday: How One Song United a Nation at The State of the Union Address

A nation so critically divided experienced a brief moment of unity at the 2019 State of the Union address.

Republican Nominees for 2020: Who Will Challenge Trump?

As the 2020 election season approaches, no one has officially challenged President Trump for the Republican Nominee. Here are a few potentials.

Libertarian ideals

Libertarian Ideals: Unintentional Self-Destruction

In many elections, libertarians' greatest enemies are each other, as they drag each other down for not spreading libertarian ideals or being too pure.

2019: The Next Act of Political Theater Begins

In 2019 the election trickery of 2020 begins. You will be manipulated, demonized, and victimized by various political candidates.

Hillary Clinton 2020

Hillary Clinton 2020? Third Bid in Play, Says Ex-advisor

Just days after the midterm season ends, a top former advisor believes we will soon see a Hillary Clinton 2020 presidential bid.

“The Once And Future Liberal”-How Does the Left Move Forward?

Mark Lilla provides the left with a way forward, but will they take it?

Trump’s Protectionism Hurts his Rust Belt Base

Trump's protectionist policies will limit competition and therefore hurt the industries of the Rust Belt, whose population makes up his base of support.

Roger Stone: Trump May not Run in 2020

The activist has stated that he will challenge a Pence/Haley ticket that Trump may back in 2020.