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The Dark Overlord 9/11 Papers: Layer Three Decrypted

Ryan Lau | @agorisms

Shortly before the New Year, a hacker group that calls itself The Dark Overlord made major waves online. On December 31st, they claimed to have possession of a large collection of files that would explain a hidden truth about the terror attacks of 9/11. Dubbing the megaleak of files the “9/11 Papers”, The Dark Overlord divided the releases into five major waves.

In early January, the hacker group released the first batch on Steemit for Bitcoin payments. After the platform removed them, they maintained their presence on Busy.org. Just a few days later, after they reached the next donation tier, they publicized wave two. Now, after a long pause, it appears that The Dark Overlord has released layer three, which they promise to be the most damaging one so far.

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The Dark Overlord Releases Batch Two of 9/11 Files

Ryan Lau | @agorisms

On January 4th, the hacker group The Dark Overlord shocked the online community. After asking for Bitcoin payments, they met their first goal, releasing what they call the “9/11 files”. The files, which are thousands of pages long, were largely related to insurance records.

Not long after posting them on a Steemit page, Twitter removed The Dark Overlord from their platform. The files have also faced several other removals from YouTube and Steemit. However, it is unclear whether The Dark Overlord or somebody else removed them from the platforms.

The Dark Overlord: Batch Two

Just a couple of days later, though, on January 6th, the hacker group leaked the second batch of their files. This dump added 7,500 more files to the 18,000 from the first leak. Though they did not reach their funding target for the second batch, they nonetheless decided to release the documents to the public.

Despite several removals, both sets of files are permanently on the blockchain. Busy.org runs on the same blockchain as Steemit, and thus, the files are available there. They are encrypted, but The Dark Overlord states that there are decryption instructions on the leak. So far, The Dark Overlord’s account is still on Busy.org.

The Goal of the 9/11 Files

The hacker group claims that they have the dirt to “burn down the deep state“. They have not yet released all of the information, which will eventually come in five batches. According to The Dark Overlord, the 9/11 files have evidence that links the United States government and the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. In the first set of documents, though, there has not been any damning evidence.

It is unclear what price the group is asking for in order to release batch three of the files. Despite this, they did reveal a preview of the third batch on Steemit, stating that there will be a grand total of 8,279 files in the next release. As they assert, they will be taking “cyber-cash for cyber-cache”.

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BREAKING: Evidence of 9/11 Controlled Demolition to Be Presented to Grand Jury

By Thomas DiGennaro | United States

Last April, The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth filed petitions for the government to review evidence of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center towers. Both sites claim to have evidence that suggests the 9/11 attacks were a controlled demolition.

The evidence in question consists of 54 pages and 57 exhibits. Consequently, they seek to use this evidence to charge those responsible with federal crimes. The legal filings and the response of the Southern District of New York are available on the groups’ websites.

Last week, a hacker group called the Dark Overlord leaked files that appeared to confirm some elements of this evidence. However, there is no definite proof of controlled demolition at this time.

The Evidence for Controlled Demolition

  • Independent scientific laboratory analysis of WTC dust samples showing the presence of high-tech explosives and/or incendiaries in the form of thermite or thermate.
  • Expert analysis of seismic evidence that explosions occurred at the WTC towers on 9/11 prior to the airplane impacts on the WTC Towers, and prior to the building collapses.
  • Technical analysis of video evidence of the WTC building collapses.
  • Firefighter reports of explosions, and of seeing “molten iron like in a foundry.” The petition states that the presence of molten iron would require temperatures higher than jet fuel and building contents could create when burned, but consistent with use of the high tech explosive and incendiary thermite or thermate.
  • The presence of previously molten iron microspheres, which have been established by electron microscope analysis of WTC dust samples, by both government and independent scientists, is another phenomenon that would be scientifically impossible based on the burning of jet fuel and office contents alone.
  • Video and eyewitness testimony of the ejection during the collapse of WTC 1 and 2 of heavy steel elements laterally from the buildings which would not be possible from a gravity collapse.
  • Scientific analysis, eyewitness testimony, and government reports confirming sulfidation and high temperature corrosion of the steel found in the rubble after the collapse of the WTC towers and WTC 7, a phenomenon not expected in a jet fuel fire and gravity collapse but consistent with the use of thermate and high explosives.

A 9/11 Hearing

Recently, a U.S. attorney has agreed to present this evidence to a grand jury. This is in compliance with federal law 18 U.S.C. § 3332.

The above organizations have also organized a petition to ensure the investigation is thorough and complete. Supporters of this petition includes many families of victims and survivors. Moreover, some of the first responders to the 9/11 attacks are voicing their support. In total, 1,788 people have donated to the cost thus far, raising nearly $100,000.

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If I Broke into Your House

TJ Roberts | United States

If I broke into your house, I would not be justified. I would be a violent criminal with no respect for private property and personal sovereignty.

If I broke into your house, you would be justified in using force to remove me from your house. You would even be able to use lethal force.

If I broke into your house, I would not be justified in using violence against you when you attempt to remove me. You have the right to do what it takes.

If I broke into your house, everything I do in your house is a breach of your rights, no matter how kind I am about it.

If I broke into your house and you pulled a gun on me, I do not have the right to kill you. I do not have the right to kill your family either.

If my friend told me to break into your house, I still would not be justified. My friend would be inciting violence.

If I broke into your house and took everything you had, you’d want your stuff back. You’d want your family back. You’d want revenge.

If I Broke Into Your House and Called it War, Does That Change Your Mind?

Why is it that these principles are so universally accepted when it applies to you, but not for others? Americans as a whole condemn any person or group who would violently invade the property of another. This attitude, however, immediately changes when we transition to war. America is an empire; there is no existential threat to the U.S. Ultimately, every war the U.S. is engaged in is nothing more than an act of aggression against another sovereign nation.

War is the foundation of the modern state. So far, the U.S. has killed more than 20 million people since the end of World War II in pursuit of empire. In fact, America’s attempt at destabilizing and radicalizing the Middle East has killed at least 4 million people. If other any nation was responsible for so many deaths, the world would rally against it and burn its leaders like the witches in Salem.

Now that the U.S. is withdrawing from Syria, it is time to withdraw the military from the rest of the world and truly pursue non-interventionism. The Military Industrial Complex has not made us free or safe. Rather, U.S. intervention has led to massive debt, breaches of privacy, and a complete disregard for civil liberties on the domestic front. It is even worse for the inhabitants of foreign nations. If the Chinese government murdered your family, you would want revenge. If the Chinese government slaughtered your friends, it would radicalize you. American intervention has killed millions, destroyed the infrastructure, and radicalized the survivors.


This, of course, leads to blowback in the US. If you want to know why 9/11 happened, ask yourself what you would do if the United Nations invaded your nation, flipped its regime, killed your family, destroyed your home, crippled your infrastructure, and oppressed your culture. Would you want revenge?

This is exactly what happened on September 11th. While war hawks (who would never enlist to fight the wars they are calling for) will say that ending the wars will pave a way to the next 9/11, the fact is that U.S. occupation of the Middle East in the 90s is what caused 9/11. It wasn’t a random attack. It was unjustified, but the U.S. nonetheless created the climate for such an attack.

A Foreign Policy of Freedom

Perhaps our foreign policy should resemble the golden rule. If you were invaded, you would use violence to repel the invader whether the invader is a military or a home intruder. Why do you expect something different from sovereign nations that the U.S. government sees as its colonies? If you don’t want to be invaded, don’t invade other nations. To avoid falling victim to economic warfare, don’t engage in economic warfare. If you don’t want nations to bomb you, don’t bomb other nations.

It is time that we reject war as the racket that it is. Too many people have suffered as a result of the American Empire’s attempt to destroy the sovereignty of any nation that did not bend its knee to the will of the U.S. War is nothing more than legalized mass murder. It is breaking into someone else’s house. Don’t be surprised when they respond with violence.

This article was originally published in LIFE.

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9/11: What the United States Failed to Learn

By TJ Roberts | United States

Seventeen years ago, Osama bin Laden recruited the entirety of the US military to fight for the agenda of al Qaeda: to destabilize the Middle East, to radicalize the inhabitants, and to revolutionize the region toward a totalitarian Islamic state. Seventeen years after 9/11, the U.S. is still too arrogant to see that its imperialist efforts not only created the fire of the bin Ladenites but also that its continued intervention in the Middle East only helps them.

Since 9/11, more than 5,000 Americans have died in combat in the Middle East, as far as we know. In Afghanistan, at least 30,000 civilians have died at the hands of the U.S. Military since 9/11. In Iraq, that number is at least 150,000. Entire civilizations have succumbed to the brute force of the American Empire. And worst of all, the people of America and the Middle East are neither freer nor safer due to these wars.

9/11 Was Not an Attack on Freedom

“They hate us for our freedoms!” That is what the warmongers say about the people of the Middle East. What they fail to mention, however, is that the United States sponsored al Qaeda in the Cold War in order to drive the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden worked in close proximity to the Reagan Administration to fight the communists, and the Americans overstayed their welcome.

Very few people seem to remember Desert Storm and American intervention in the Middle East before September 11th, but the U.S. has been meddling with the Middle East since the early 1950s, during which they overthrew Iran’s regime and replaced it with the Shah. It is an undeniable reality that the U.S. is the aggressor in this conflict.

So no, they don’t hate us for our freedom (or what remains of it). What is an attack on freedom, however, is the treasonous PATRIOT Act that made a mockery of the sacred right to privacy and being left alone. What is an attack on freedom is the increased debt and taxation to pay for legalized mass murder around the world.

The War Drums Keep Beating

Despite the mistakes that America has made in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, and so on, the neoconservatives are still trying to spread regime change as gospel. The atrocities in the Middle East are not because of Islam. They are not because of Russia. They are not because of Assad. Iran is not to blame. The American Empire is to blame.

Imagine if it happened here. Imagine if China invaded the U.S. What if they starved your community with sanctions? Imagine if a Chinese soldier slaughtered your family right in front of you. What if they overthrew your nation? Imagine if they forcefully repressed your culture. Would you think China has the right to do this to you? Would you retaliate and hit them where it hurts so that they can understand your pain?

Of course, you would. If not you, then someone else would. The Federal Government is using 9/11 to stir your emotions so that you allow them to hurl this nation into endless war. This is all for the goal of establishing an American Empire around the world. War will not reverse what happened 17 years ago today. If anything, it will provoke something even worse. It has already eliminated many of the freedoms Americans used to enjoy. Continued intervention can only get worse.

9/11: The Lesson

9/11 is now old enough to enlist in the military, and yet the U.S. refuses to learn what it actually taught. If anyone should have learned anything from 9/11, it is that the United States should never fund another revolutionary group, ever. It is that regime change always has failed and always carries catastrophic consequences. The United States is currently supporting al Qaeda in Syria right now. The U.S. is committing genocide in Yemen. The foreign policy that birthed ISIS must die. The people need to put foreign policy first and accept nothing short of non-interventionism, especially in the post-9/11 era.

This post was originally published in LIFE.

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