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Deep Water Systems Is A Hidden Crypto Treasure

One of the more interesting cryptocurrency projects set to launch this year is a relatively unknown seafloor mapping company with expertise in robotics and software engineering. Deep Water Systems (https://deepwater.systems) will use artificial intelligence to recognize patterns of disturbance on the ocean floor in an attempt to identify potential sunken treasures and mineral deposits along the Caribbean & Atlantic seaboard.

With an estimated two billion dollars worth of sunken treasures sitting on the ocean floor and more than 100,000 shipwrecks still undiscovered, DWS is the first blockchain based startup to tackle this eccentric industry. With expanded markets in oil and minerals, DWS could potentially service a broad range of underwater systems requiring intensive data of what lies beneath.

The project is led by founder and CEO Alejandro Gavrilyuk, an early cryptocurrency adopter with over 15 years of IT & business management experience. The research team has already been working for three years on their DeepSystem, a unique large-scale information and measurement system that will be at the center of collecting and interpreting data patterns from the seabed. Using state-of-the-art technology attached to torpedo looking “gliders,” Deep Water Systems currently recognize 70-80% of underwater objects. In the future they hope to get that number as close to 100% accurate as possible.

The gliders, almost 6 feet in length a piece, can work autonomously for almost half a year. DWS hopes to build a fleet of 2,000 gliders that will be unleashed along the historical trade routes throughout the Atlantic Ocean. These machines will attempt to identify mineral deposits and nodules that are rich in nickel, copper, cobalt, zinc, silver & gold. If successful, Deep Water Systems could be a disruptor in the space of deep sea information and data accumulation.

Not to be confused with an actual deep sea mining outfit, DWS is in the game of seek, find and sell. They intend to auction off their deep sea information to the highest bidder and allow those winning parties to mine the goods for themselves. The team will use blockchain technology to provide quick and accurate lots of data for auction with only the winning bidder able to gain access to the DeepSystem findings.

Deep Water Systems begin a pre-ICO offering on February 28th 2018 with bonuses of up to 30% for the earliest investors. DWT is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC-20 token capable of being stored to any ether wallet. The main ICO is set to begin on April 2 with a valuation of 1 eth = 2000 dwt. The supply of DWT is 700 million with a buy back program touted by the DWS team to stabilize the token’s value over the first year.

Deep Water Systems is a wholly unique project that exists because of the peculiar daring nature of blockchain technology. With the help of DWS, we could uncover major historical finds that are priceless to our understanding of human civilization. More than just a platform for identifying rare goods, Deep Water Systems are also a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of humans and I fully expect we will see hype surrounding the project from mainstream scientific media outlets.

For more information and a clearer look at the goals and aspirations of the team I suggest you read through their wonderful white paper linked below:

DWS Whitepaper

*This is not financial advice and should not be taken as such. ICO’s are volatile, please do your own research!*