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5 Nationalist Movements to Watch

By Colin Louis | U.S.

All around the globe nationalism is on the rise. The ideas of right wing populism and nationalism are starting to grow into large movements all over the free world. People are beginning to shift to these ideas. The following five countries are turning nationalist.

5. The UK

Recently, the U.K has shown signs of shifting further to the nationalist right. The Brexit vote provided evidence that the UK is moving further towards nationalism and populism. Brexit clearly signals that nationalism and euroskepticism is on a significant rise in the U.K. The recent UKIP leadership election could help them continue this.

4. Ireland

Irish politics serves as a reminder that nationalism comes in different forms. In the case of Ireland, it’s left nationalism with much momentum. The concept of left nationalism is a form of socialism mixed with nationalism, not to be confused with National Socialism, which is a far more authoritarian belief. Sinn Féin, led by Garry Adams, won around 14% of the vote in the recent 2016 election. Sinn Féin did very well compared to its past performance and that of other less nationalist parties. 14% might not sound like much, but the ruling party, Fine Gael, only received around 36% of the vote.

3. Germany

In the most recent German elections, the new nationalist party, Alternative Für Deutschland (AFD), won a considerable amount of seats in the German parliament. This sent a signal to incumbent Chancellor, Angela Merkel, that the German people are moving further from the European Union and her administration. Germany has always attempted to stray away from their Nazi history and refrain from nationalist movements. Although the election of AFD provides evidence that Germany is losing this mindset.

2. America

The recent election of Donald Trump as President of the United States signals a shift further towards his movement of American nationalism. The policies Trump promised he would put in place, such as protectionist trade deals with China, are designed to put America over the rest of the world. The movement Trump sparked now runs rampant through the Republican Party. The Republican Party didn’t necessarily hold these views until Trump nearly hijacked the party. His America first movement destroyed the Party establishment and put these ideas into action.

1. Netherlands

The one that may surprise people the most is the Netherlands. The once center left nation recently took a swing right in the 2017 elections when Garret Wilders and the Party for Freedom ran a hard anti Islam and European Union campaign. Wilders has come out in support of banning the Koran, even going as far as to compare the book to Mein Kampf. Wilder’s Party won enough seats to place them as the opposition party in the Dutch House of Representatives. Even parties that have never run a hard line anti- Islam campaign are shifting in support of more nationalist ideas. Prime Minister Mark Rutte put out an advertisement that stated, “act normal or leave.” Rutte later said that this wasn’t meant to attack ethnic groups, but instead people who did not share their values. This signals that Wilder’s nationalist movement has spread most everywhere in the Netherlands.


3 Big Stories You Missed During the NFL Controversy


Over the past week, the NFL has dominated media coverage. Here are three stories you might have missed:

1. Women gain the right to drive in Saudi Arabia

As of Tuesday, September 26, 2017, Saudi Arabia announced for the first time in the country’s history that women will be allowed to drive. Prior to this announcement, the issue of whether or not to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia had been widely criticized by a multitude of individuals and organizations campaigning to end the oppression of women, specifically in middle eastern countries. This legislation will go into effect in June of 2018. Many advocates for this new legislation find this to be a huge step forward for progressive reform, specifically gender equality, not only in Saudi Arabia but throughout the entire world.

Fawziah al-Bakr, a Saudi university professor, was a member of one of the first protests against the driving ban in 1990. The protest featured a group of 47 women who drove around the capital of Saudi Arabia until they were all arrested. In reference to that protest, she stated:

“Since that day, Saudi women have been asking for the right to drive, and finally it arrived”, “We have been waiting for a very long time.” -Fawziah al-Bakr

Societal pressures were not the only contributing reason for this legislation, economic factors also played a key role in forcing the government to reform policies. According to CNN, opening the roads to women drivers may lift economic growth by almost 1 percentage point every year, adding about $90 billion of net output by 2030. This would significantly increase Saudi Arabia’s economic growth and financial situation, making such unprecedented change in policy much easier to take for the Saudi government.

“The rain begins with a single drop” – Manal al-Sharif

2. German Federal Election results, Angela Merkel wins a fourth term and the AfD Party on the rise

On Sunday, September 24, 2017, the results from Germany’s Bundestag (Federal Parliament) election, were in. Angela Merkel won her fourth term as German chancellor, continuing to make history as the first woman and the first East German to hold the title of Chancellor. Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and the CSU (Christian Social Union) won an overwhelming  32.9% of the vote. The SDP (Social Democratic Party) won 20.5% of the vote.

What came as a shock to many people, however, was the high percentage of votes the AfD, Alternative for Deutschland (Germany), received in the election. A party record of 12.6% of the votes went to the right-wing populist organization. Alexander Gauland, a 76-year-old German lawyer and one of the well-known leaders in the AfD, has talked of fighting an “invasion of foreigners” and campaigned openly on fighting Islam and high rates of immigration. Many statements made by leaders of the AfD have been criticized and condemned as racist. For example, Gauland made the following statement on footballer Jérôme Boateng, who was born in Berlin to a Ghanaian father:”They like him as a football player. But they don’t want to have a Boateng as their neighbour.”

“They like him as a football player. But they don’t want to have a Boateng as their neighbour.” -Alexander Gauland

3. Republican Primary for US Senate in Alabama

The GOP primary for Alabama Senate resulted in Roy Moore defeating Luther Strange 57% to 43% on September 26th. When Jeff Sessions was appointed attorney general, the open Senate seat in Alabama was filled by Luther Strange, appointed by

When Jeff Sessions was appointed as attorney general, his open Senate seat in Alabama was filled by Luther Strange, appointed by Governor Robert Bentley. Republican Senator Strange, supported by President Donald Trump, ran against Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore, supported by Steve Bannon. Moore, well known for his history of controversial statements about things like sexual orientation and race, beat out Trump’s favored candidate in the Republican primaries. Moore will now be pitted against the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, in the Special Senate Election in Alabama.

Matthew Wall is a reporter for 71 Republic. You can contact him via email, at [email protected]