Tulsi Gabbard Is Not a Libertarian

tulsi gabbard libertarian
Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

For some reason, libertarians love Tulsi Gabbard.

Gabbard, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, has been praised for her anti-war message and honesty on a range of topics including the industrial military complex, the federal reserve, and overarching tech privacy. But that does not make Gabbard a libertarian.

Though Gabbard promotes a general anti-interventionist message that is informed by her military service in Iraq, there are still lingering questions about her close relationship with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. Still, some of the most prominent libertarians are willing to overlook her record.

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U.S. Soldiers Kill Afghan Civilians for Sport, Collect Fingers as ‘Trophies’

U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan
Othman Mekhloufi | @othmanmekhloufi

In 2010, twelve U.S. soldiers were accused of deliberately killing Afghan civilians for sport and collecting their fingers as trophies. They, along with a Staff Sergeant, composed a secret “kill team”. The soldiers allegedly killed the civilians at random by blowing them up and/or shooting at them. These attacks occurred various times throughout the year, The Guardian reported.

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Anti-Trump Hysteria is Turning Democrats Into Warmongers

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

The ghost of John McCain has risen to possess the most unlikely host: the Democrats. Trump’s magical aura seems to automatically turn anyone with a (D) in front of their names against him. This occurs regardless of his policy decision. Orange man is always bad. Doesn’t matter what he did, has done, or will do. Orange man is bad, even when orange man is creating a world where fewer people die.

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