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Trump populism and elitism

Populism and Elitism: Two Sides of an Evil Sword

Though populism and elitism both claim to help us the most, the individual is usually best equipped to make his or her own decisions.

The Boogeyman fear of the unknown

The Boogeyman: Fear of the Unknown

When society creates governments to ward off the Boogeymen of the world, they often become the evil they seek to defeat.

gun-free zones constitution vote

The Constitution Is as Effective as Gun-free Zones

The success and legitimacy of both the Constitution and gun-free zones in America operate on the same system of flawed logic.

Mountains peace prosperity happiness

Modern-Day Progressives: Regressive Next to Libertarians

Though forward-thinking in name, modern-day progressives seek to continue the old, failed system of democratic government.

Slab City welcome sign

Is This Community the “Last Free Place in America”?

The small, open community of Slab City, California considers itself to be quite successfully living without any enforced laws or rulers.

Culture Shift Kids with Peace

The Minarchism Vs Anarchism Debate: Solved

Minarchists and anarchists often overlook the one aspect which underpins all formal and informal social structures: culture.

Everyone Should Vote

Although counterintuitive, it is a popular opinion among many libertarians and anarchists that one should not vote in political elections.

Mt St Helens

The Fallacy of Limited Government and Classical Liberalism

The system that claims to only protect negative rights simply cannot do so, as it relies on voting and taxation to properly function.

A Response to a Socialist

A response to a socialist, who argued against Joshua D. Glawson's stance on issues such as poverty, child labor laws, mentioned in a previous article.

Good patriot american flag

A Good Patriot Is Nothing More than a Good Killer

Patriotism is nothing more than the willingness to kill and die for an abstract boundary of land that one does not choose.