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Is the Alt-Right Really Targeting Libertarians?

Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

In the world’s climate of division and hatred, the Alt-Right has found its perfect breeding ground. The Alt-Right is the name that various collections of white nationalists, “identitarians” and neo-nazis have given themselves. They are in no way run of the mill conservatives or Republicans. They are radical statists who fetishize the idea of a supremacist government with absolute power. It is the antithesis of libertarianism. Yet, there is a trend that is becoming more and more obvious; the so-called “Libertarian to Alt-Right Pipeline”.

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California Prosecutes Man For Criticizing Islam On Social Media

By Emily Merrell | CALIFORNIA

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is putting 41-year-old Mark Feigin for prosecution for criticizing Islam on the Islamic Center Of Southern California’s Facebook Page in Fall 2016.

The office of the Attorney General claims that Feigin’s posts were made to “annoy and harass” through “repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device”, which is a violation of Cal. Penal Code § 653m(b). Reason.com reports Feigin wrote on the 17 and 25 of September:


“THE TERROR HIKE…SOUNDS LIKE FUN.” (In response to a hiking announcement)


“Filthy Muslim shit has no place in western civilization.”

Islam is dangerous – fact: the more Muslim savages we allow into America – the more terror we will see -this is a fact which is undeniable”

The office of the Attorney General argues that the comments were “made with intent to annoy and harass members of the ICSC,” Feigin “was not trying to engage in any kind of political discussion but instead trying to vex members of the ICSC with his thoughts about their religion.” The posts are a crime because they show “repeated harassment from those who intend to mock and disparage the religion.” and that Feigin was “cruel and pointedly aimed at dismissing an entire religion and those who practice it.”

The state of California also makes it clear that they’re in support of prosecuting Feigin for the content and reasoning behind what he said: “The mere content and nature of the posts establish that they are not made in ‘good faith’ as the Defendant suggests but are intended to annoy and harass.” The office went on to mention that just because the Facebook page was public doesn’t mean the ICSC can experience harassment.

Becerra is also “leading the resistance’ against Donald Trump as he is the son of Mexican immigrants. His anti-free speech views line up with the views of younger Californians that want to repeal free speech based off of a poll:


George Orwell sure was right, if we say something that offends people the state will come after us. But no matter if it was a free speech issue or not, should the state really be in charge of what is put on Facebook? Facebook should have made whatever actions they wanted to take and have it left at that. If we keep letting this happen soon the state will control even more of our lives than they already do.