Is ShotSpotter Expanding the Police State?

shotspotter, survelliance, detection, audio sensors, police state
Thomas DiGennaro | @DiGennaroTom

For the past decade or so, Police Departments across the country have been implementing new forms gunfire locating technology. ShotSpotter is the primary developer of these technologies. In many urban areas, Police Departments are setting up audio sensors capable of pinpointing the sound of gunfire. They typically place about 15 to 25 of these per square mile. They are “always listening” type devices that start recording once they detect a gunshot. The technology filters out background noise and uses an algorithm to determine what soundwaves could potentially be a gunshot.

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CA Attorney General: Illegal to Possess List of Felon Cops

Police felon cops
Ryan Lau | @agorisms

Thousands of criminals are on a database in Calfornia for their offenses in the past decade. From domestic abuse to shoplifting to murder, these people all have committed some of society’s worst wrongs. But in the Golden State, the highest-ranking police officer doesn’t think you have the right to look at the list. Interestingly, this very list comprises of the Attorney General’s own felon cops.

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