Interview: Dan Behrman, Libertarian Candidate for President

dan behrman
John Keller | @keller4liberty

Dan Behrman is a libertarian activist from Texas who is seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for president in 2020. He originally ran for office in 2014 for the Texas House of Representatives, winning 23% against the Democrat incumbent. A long-time activist, Dan Behrman has made a name for himself by representing the slogan “Taxation is Theft.” 71 Republic’s John Keller talked to Behrman about his presidential campaign.

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The Yellow Vests Invade May Day in Paris

Yellow Vests May Day
Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

For nearly six months now, protest movement “the yellow vests” (les gilets jaunes) has been taking to the streets in Paris, throughout France, and into other European countries. Through both peaceful and violent means, they have rallied against the unpopular regime of French president Emmanuel Macron.

The government has retaliated, killing at least 15 total civilians (12 in France, three in Belgium). They also have arrested and injured thousands. However, the protest group has gotten the French government to make a number of concessions. After peaking at a 72% approval rate, twice that of Macron, they have pressured the government to remove an infamous gas tax hike and promise an increase to the minimum wage. But the yellow vests have not stopped, finding new allies on Wednesday.

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