Exclusive: Westwood High School Covers Up Shooting Incident

Westwood High School
Indri Schaelicke | @ISchaelicke

Administrators at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas, may have engaged in a cover-up attempt of a shooting incident on school grounds on Wednesday, April 3rd. Controversy has arisen after several students stated that they witnessed a gunshot occur in a football locker room. The school, however, denied the presence of a firearm on campus at any point.

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City of Austin Facing Contaminated Water Crisis

Water from faucet
By Jack Parkos | United States

As of October 22nd, the people of Austin, Texas, are under a water crisis. Local government officials recently gave citizens a notice to boil all water from public utilities. Recent flooding has contaminated the water with mud and debris. Thus, the water will require more filtration, according to Austin Water.

The boiling of the water will kill the harmful bacteria.  Austin Water has given specific instructions regarding the boiling process: citizens should boil all of the water they use for drinking or cooking for at least three minutes in order to kill any bacteria that could cause illness. They have also given other tips to be safe during this time:

  • Limit water consumption as much as possible. This will reduce the amount of water going through the plants and allow the plant to work on the problem.
  • People should use bottled water as much as they possibly can.
  • Restaurants should NOT use drinking fountains that rely on tap water.

Officials have said that the water should be safe for washing dishes, but encourage people to soak dishes in boiling water after cleaning. The water also safe for bathing and laundry, but any consumed water requires boiling.

Amidst the Austin water crisis, many schools and business are remaining open. However, most have shut off water fountains until further notice. Instead, those at work and in school must bring bottled water to drink instead. With this, bottled water sales have greatly increased in the past day.

City officials will notify residents when water is safe for consumption without the boiling process.

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Hawley, Missouri GOP Rip Page From Failed Clinton Playbook

By Francis Folz | United States

38 percent. That is the percentage of the Missouri electorate Hillary Clinton garnered in her failed bid for president in 2016. You would think the Missouri GOP would be smart enough not to use a page from Ms. Clinton’s shoddy playbook, especially since Mr. Donald Trump defeated Ms. Clinton by 19 points in the Show Me State. However, this is not the case.

The Missouri GOP voted on July 3, 2018, to suspend a rule that prohibits the National Republican Party (the establishment) to spend money on a particular candidate in a contested primary. Instead of leaving the race between the candidates and the voters, the Missouri GOP thought it would be a fantastic idea to act like there is not a primary by concerting with the national party to elect Josh Hawley. Sound familiar?

Ms. Clinton colluded with the DNC to rig her primary election against Bernie Sanders only two years ago. And to add insult to injury, the DNC decided to further isolate the Sanders wing of the party by barring his supporters from the party’s convention the same year. Common sense would suggest not to repeat the same mistake of snubbing the grassroots, especially in such a close race. Polls show Mr. Hawley either trailing Claire McCaskill or narrowly leading her within the margin of error.

However, the grassroots’ liberty candidate in the race, Austin Petersen, is determined to fire Claire in November. In a matchup between Mr. Petersen and Ms. McCaskill, Austin bests Claire 56% to 40%. In light of that recent poll, it should be common knowledge not to interfere in a heated race between a weak, establishment candidate and an electrifying grassroots firebrand. 

But to make matters worse, in an out-of-touch move, President Trump and Vice-President Pence have weighed in for Mitch McConnell’s Josh Hawley. This shows disdain for the vast amount of Missouri voters reluctant to support Mr. Hawley. After all, it was Mr. Hawley who aired campaign ads not even two years ago that promised not to use the Attorney General’s office to climb the political ladder. Such promises have long since vanished.

However, attempts to shut out the grassroots have not weathered Austin’s spirits, and why should they? Mr. Hawley has modeled his entire campaign after Ms. Clinton up to this point. For example, Mr. Hawley decided meeting with voters and debating his primary opponents is beneath him. So, Josh skipped the vast majority of Lincoln Days hosted by local Republicans. He was also missing the night Congresswoman Ann Wagner flew from D.C. to St. Louis to host the Republican senatorial debate. To make up for his blunders, Josh thought he could score a few political points by throwing former-governor Eric Greitens under the bus. Publicly alluding to impeachment before even filling charges, he effectively denied Mr. Greitens due process.

Furthermore, Mr. Hawley has been spotted lifting weights at the gym and buying wine during business hours (you know, while he’s supposed to be performing the duties of Attorney General). This is all part of a pattern.

Back in March, while Mr. Petersen and other primary candidates were out shaking hands with voters, Mr. Hawley chose to stay home and talk about his NCAA bracket on Twitter. And just when you thought Mr. Hawley couldn’t be more distant to voters? His official senatorial website doesn’t even have an “issues” section to let Missourians know how the Attorney General feels about crucial topics. To this day, Mr. Hawley refuses to rule out voting for Mitch McConnell for Majority/Minority Leader.

Mr. Hawley has even admitted in one of his few interviews that he was not interested in running for senator at first. Comparatively, Austin Petersen, Mr. Hawley’s most formidable primary opponent, has been attending countless local events and speaking with a myriad of voters on the campaign trail. It appears that the West/East Coast educated Attorney General believes the GOP establishment’s blessing will be able to carry him across the finish line in August. Judging by the Missouri GOP’s recent, unconventional actions, however, it may be harder than Mr. Hawley and company imagined.

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Austin Texas Is Leaning Further Left

By Addie Mae Villas | Austin, Texas

This past Friday, the city of Austin passed an ordinance, 9-2, in favor of mandatory sick pay. The ordinance, that will take effect October 1st, is not only a slap in the free market’s face but will greatly harm the small business that makes up the expansive Austin economy. The hypocrisy of the ordinance is the fact that it is supposed to help the people of Austin, but in the end, it will only eliminate jobs and make it harder for businesses to emerge in Austin.

The ordinance, a mess in itself, failed to consider that the people who will be hurt the most are the people who fund their jobs in office. Greg Casar, the councilman who proposed the ordinance, stated that “so much of this is about widening inequality and our fight against it”, but how exactly is this going to be helping to end inequality? If anything, it will force companies to reconsider their workforce as each person is entitled to 48 hours for companies with less than 15 employees, and 64 for all other employers. A business has no choice in determining if an employee deserves the time off with this ordinance. This eliminates any type of competitiveness to work for privileges. But, this creates a dangerous environment of entitlement in a world already full of people who think that everything is a right.

One can simply look to other cities that have implemented this type of ordinance to see the failures. When Connecticut implemented a similar law requiring paid sick leave, businesses began to cut back other benefits, reduce wages, and hours. This was followed by the fact that businesses were hiring fewer people, giving out fewer raises, increasing product prices, and requiring their employees to pay more for health care. Many states that require mandatory sick leave will have major benefits with little cutbacks, but it is hard to avoid the fact that a business can’t constantly spend. When it came to paid sick leave before the laws were put in place, most businesses already had sick pay on top of the benefits that are often offered. In San Francisco, 65.1% of employers already had paid sick leave. The free market will take care of itself without the government forcing mandates down their throats.

Austin has always been a leader for small businesses in large metro areas. So many times has Austin been called the top place to start a business, but with a mandate where the government is asserting their power over the entrepreneurs is hurting this title. Austin is also up for consideration for Amazon’s HQ, but would Amazon really consider a city that mandates the paid time off? These types of mandates may seem that they are helping the greater good, but in the end, the free market will always come out on top.

It boils down to the Milton Friedman quote that “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” What is happening with the utopian laws being made is they only look at the benefits rather than weighing the costs. The government must stay out of the way of small businesses. Let the companies run themselves as they see fit, and allow for more innovation and entrepreneurship to happen by limiting government.

The Left Continues to Assault Gun Rights, Even After Man Stops Rapist With a Gun

By Jason Patterson | TEXAS

While on a hike, Josh Williams used his Glock 43 to prevent a sexual assault. According to  The Blaze, he was first planning to leave his gun at home until he felt a nagging consciousness that he should bring it with him.

At exactly 5:30 AM, Josh heard a loud scream for help. As he approached the area to see what was happening he shined his flashlight on a man who was sexually assaulting a young woman.

“I came up, pulled my gun and told him to get off of her,” Williams remarked. Immediately after he demanded for the man to drop on his knees and asked to see his hands. “That way I knew he didn’t have a weapon. And at that point, he was no threat, so I didn’t feel the need to shoot him,” Williams later said.

That was the first time he had ever aimed his gun at a person or had to consider using it in any way. However, he is an outgoing supporter of the 2nd Amendment. “It’s dark, and I don’t know what’s out there, so I have it to protect myself and other people. That’s what it’s all about anyway — to help other people with it, not just myself. I didn’t think I’d ever have to pull it. Did I want to? No, not at all. But just … right place, right time,” Williams said.

The assaulter attempted to get away but was later caught by Travis County police. He was identified as Richard McEachern, a 22-year-old Austin native. He was charged with charged with Sexual Assault and Harassment.

Countless heroes with guns have saved the day, like last month at the church shooting and Liberals continue to protest guns. As it seems they won’t stop till your gun rights are stripped away.