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Freedom of Speech Upheld in Face of ‘Nazi Salute’ Backlash

A school is defending the free speech rights of a group of boys pictured doing what many claim is a Nazi salute in a prom picture posted to Twitter.

A New Look on Authoritarianism: Roman Dmowski

Can authoritarian nationalism and free market capitalism find common ground in the struggle against radical leftism and fascism?

The Supreme Court: Enemy of Liberty, Friend of Authoritarianism

Eight people have more influence over your life than any other individual.

Molon Labe: A Call Against Authoritarians

The story behind this phrase represents defiance of authority and a refusal to surrender the natural right to self-preservation.

Authoritarianism in the UK: Britain First Leaders Jailed For Hate Crimes

An Orwellian Nightmare Is Fueling The Rise Of Far-Right Groups Across Europe

Germany is Turning Towards Authoritarianism Again

Merkel came to power in 2005.  As of late, she has devoted herself to the destruction of Germany. 

Pick Up the Antidote of Liberty

Authoritarianism and collectivism are on the rise. We need to rise up against these forces.