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Larry Sharpe Is Wrong-There Should Be No Compromise Between Baker and Gay Couple

Compromise on the "bake the cake" issue betrays libertarian principles and allows the state to grow in power and size, at the expense of civil liberties.

Thomas Massie Suggests 2016 Libertarian Ticket Was “Never Really Libertarian”

Representative Massie Hits Out at Gary Johnson & Bill Weld

The Free Market: Everybody Wants It, Everybody Hates It

I am suggesting that the free market and competition can often bring desired results, and the consumer in many cases yield a lot more power than the masses seem willing to admit.

Supreme Court Decision Preserves Religious Freedom

The Masterpiece Cakeshop decision was right and just.

Beyond The Wall: An Interview With Mance Rayder

Freedom Author Mance Rayder Uses Memes To Communicate Liberty To The Younger Generation

Oregon is Destroying Private Property Rights Through “Bake the Cake” Decisions

Oregon's decision in the suit of the cake bakers is very dangerous for private property.