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Have Your Senators Taken Money from Lockheed Martin?

Ryan Lau | @agorisms

Last year’s election was rife was polarization. With bitter fights in states such as Texas, where incumbent Ted Cruz narrowly defeated challenger Beto O’Rourke, the country’s politicians seemed more divided than ever. Many Democrats ran on an anti-Trump line, whereas many Republicans did the opposite. But one thing about the election season was eerily unified: most of the Senate took money from Lockheed Martin and other military industrial complex companies. Continue reading “Have Your Senators Taken Money from Lockheed Martin?”


Conservatives and Immigration: A Need for Change

Juan Ayala | United States

There is no doubt that one of the most polarizing topics in American political discourse is immigration. Even before the ascension of the chant “Build the Wall,” the topic of the southern border had been at the center of heated debate. Now, with the government shutdown over a five billion dollar payment on a border wall, Republicans are not only in a battle with Democrats but also with their own colleagues.

The Border Wall Bill

With a majority in December, Republican leadership obtained the 213 votes in the House to pass a spending bill that would fund the wall. Eight members of the GOP voted against the bill. However, any negotiations will now stall as Nancy Pelosi has taken back the gavel in the House. For most members, it was simply a party vote to keep the government open; for eight, it was a vote against unnecessary and archaic protections when border apprehensions are at a low point.

In fact, to date, the Obama Administration deported more illegal aliens than Trump has. For center-right folks like me, I know that the media has made this a huge issue, and for good reason; Trump hasn’t helped either, at all. Of the eight members who voted against the bill, five were moderates and four are minorities. There is no secret that the GOP needs to market itself better to immigrants, suburban women, college-educated folks, and moderates. This vote shows exactly that; it also shows how they are failing.

Conservatives and Immigration

To be clear, not only is there an issue with the party, but also with those who support comprehensive immigration reform within it. Statistically, immigration is a net benefit to society. The majority of people coming here want a better life and add to our labor markets. Hispanic conservatives know this, as many older Hispanic immigrants are more conservative than the younger generation.

When some conservatives use immigrants to create the illusion of chaos, they must apply those same rules to native-born Americans. For instance, one Cato Institute study found that illegal aliens are 47% less likely to be incarcerated than native-born Americans. Does that mean we need to be wary of our neighbors born in Iowa, Nebraska, or even California? No, but the same standards need to apply across the board. Blaming immigrants from the southern border (which, in 2016, the majority came from) will only make political enemies.

A Need for Change

Regarding border-states, the number of Hispanic Americans continues to grow. About 40% of Hispanic Americans 25 and older have gone to college. In Arizona, Hispanics make up 44% of all students and the dropout rate has dropped significantly. I state these facts not in a pompous fashion, but as a warning call to the party of Reagan, Bush, & Trump. If the GOP continues to ignore the growth of Hispanic Americans as a growing section of the United States’ economy, education system, labor force, and ultimately voting base, they will face many perils.

The 2018 midterm season showed us a few things. One of those was that Texas, a Republican stronghold, almost lost its status to an unabashed progressive who may run for president. Moreover, if the trend of bad immigration messaging continues, the GOP can say goodbye to any hopes of retaining Texas’ 38 electoral votes. Quite possibly, they may be also dismissing the future of their party.

2019: The Next Act of Political Theater Begins

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

2018 was a political year, as most years are when one invests their time in politics. But the human mind has a tendency to think of what is right before it as exceptional and important, while it may just be regular. And overall, that’s what 2018 was politically. The political processes that began continued, and some ended. Yet this is what happens every year, and while many of the events were, by all means, important, they weren’t necessarily so important that 2018 trumps every other year.

Continue reading “2019: The Next Act of Political Theater Begins”

Trump: “I’m a Nationalist”

By 71 Republic

On Monday night in Houston, President Trump labeled himself a “nationalist” to cheering support from a sold-out crowd ahead of midterm elections in Texas. Republican Senate incumbent Ted Cruz has been in a heated race with Congressman Beto O’Rourke. Trump landed in the Lonestar state in hopes of convincing voters to keep Congress Republican. With just two weeks until election day, polls between the two candidates currently suggest that neither side has a lockdown on the Senate seat.


You know, they have a word. It sort of became old fashioned. It’s called a nationalist. We’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I am a nationalist! – Donald Trump

America First?

With 538 suggesting that Beto “has a chance in Texas,” Trump’s rally looked to bolster Ted Cruz’s numbers in the fight for the seat. As usual, Trump mocked what he sees as globalist ideas coming from his opponents. Touting himself a ‘nationalist’, the president seeks to distance himself from these political rivals. Trump’s ideology strikes a similar tone to the one he made on the campaign trail when he called himself a populist. If nothing else, it’s “America First” at a new level, direct from the Commander in Chief.

It’s not surprising to see the President use a word that the media and many on the left have labeled unspeakable. Trump enjoys teasing those that attack him and his use of the word ‘nationalist’ is an obvious bullying tactic aimed at the corporate media complex and his detractors in the Democrat party. It also signals to his staunchly conservative base who enjoy his calls for national superiority and American proto-homogenization.

Whether this will affect Cruz positively or negatively remains to be seen. As with most things the President does, it will likely only reflect on himself. Dogged by claims of racism throughout his first term in office, this moment will only further crystalize the vision that most on the left hold of Trump – as a white nationalist interested only in restoring and reestablishing the privilege of the white male patriarchy.

This is not the first time that Trump has given nationalist ideas. For years, Steve Bannon has been influencing his policies. Without a doubt, Bannon has identified himself as nationalist many times. However, Trump’s direct use of the term is still significant. As “nationalist” generally carries a negative reputation in 2018, this may influence the president’s overall approval. It also has the potential to either help or hurt Cruz’s chances at swaying currently undecided voters.

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Libertarians Should Support Ted Cruz

Indri Schaelicke | United States

Perhaps the tightest race of the 2018 midterms, Ted Cruz vs Beto O’Rourke has caught the attention of pundits and ordinary pundits across the US alike. Recent polls show conflicting conclusions, with some putting Cruz ahead by wide margins, and others portraying the race as close. At this point, it is impossible to accurately predict the outcome of this election. Considering how uncertain the result of Texas’s Senate election is at this point, it is important that libertarians rally their support behind the incumbent, Republican Junior Senator Cruz to ensure that up-and-coming Democrat Beto does not achieve election to US Senate. If he is elected, liberty will be much more at risk than it is now.

Continue reading “Libertarians Should Support Ted Cruz”