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The Libertarian Party will Rise from Ashes of Intolerance

Within the last week, I have started college at a small liberal arts school located deep in the Virginia countryside. The demographics of this school worried me as they are overwhelmingly white and political stance is almost completely Republican. However, throughout my week and a half here, I have noticed that the freshman class that I belong to is part of the overall trend of a libertarian wave.

Intolerance Across the Spectrum

Through talking with my peers I have tried to gauge where they stand politically. In my dorm several classmates I have talked to have held firm mainstream Republican beliefs. However, after a discussion on Trump’s trade war, several of them wanted to know what my ideology was. After a brief discussion on what makes a libertarian, it is safe to say that they were somewhat hooked.

Another growing trend among young adults is an increasing embracement of the radical ends of the spectrum. For example, my roommate for this year identifies himself as a white nationalist. He believes in getting back to what he views as the roots of America. One might also call him a traditionalist, as he believes firmly in traditional gender roles. He also holds the segregationist belief in keeping people of different races apart. Of course, I personally don’t endorse his ideas, but I present them as an example of the growing trend of extremism in America.

The same thing exists on the left end of the spectrum, with the Black Power movement calling for just as bad of a power imbalance with black supremacy. This growing trend of extremism is dangerous. It often leaves those entering the political arena without a just banner to rally around. As the parties continue to drift off, compromise on key issues will keep waning. As a result, the hostility, intolerance, and vitriol that fills modern day politics will only worsen. After this toxic system sets in, there is no recourse, as America will have set its own lines of battle.

A Libertarian Future Awaits

This is why the third party vote matters. After partisanship slogs down the major parties, the third party vote will restore reason in America.

That being said, the Libertarian Party is unique, as it takes multiple forms. When America needs the third party vote desperately, the Libertarian Party will rise to the occasion. The party is very accepting of all types of people, ranging from strict believers in the Constitution to anarchists.

Ironically, what ties us together as a party is a belief in personal sovereignty. With these level-headed goals in mind, it is unthinkable that those rational people left in the middle of no man’s land will neglect a party that promotes freedom and equality. The party is the antidote of intolerance. The Libertarian Party has a bright future as more people flock to the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

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Free Markets Are The Ultimate Tool To Destroy Bigotry

By Indri Schaelicke | United States

If you turn on the news today, you will likely see stories of the most recent case of racism, sexism, or another form of terrible discrimination. Just over 3 weeks ago, national news blew up when the story of 2 black men being arrested at Starbucks Coffee was widely reported. Or take the infamous story of a Christian baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Should the government make laws that force people to go against their beliefs? There is a simpler solution that does not require legislation, enforcement and protects everyone’s rights: Let the forces of the market interact to boycott what the public views to be bigoted behavior by companies.

If a business it engaging in bigoted practices that the public does not agree with, they can boycott the business to deprive them of income. If the owner is smart, they will realize their profits have decreased and cease their discriminatory practices. If not, they will be driven out of business and discrimination will no longer exist in the community.

We now live at a time when many people have access to the internet and social media, which makes it especially easy to organize boycott efforts and raise awareness of bigoted behavior by companies. The online outrage can be manifested by mass boycotts that will send a clear message to the organization affected.

The Civil Rights Act of 1968 mandated equal housing opportunities regardless of race, religion, or national origin and made it a federal crime to “by force or by threat of force, injure, intimidate, or interfere with anyone … by reason of their race, color, religion, or national origin.” This act is a clear violation of private property rights because it prohibits people from doing certain things with their own property. The government should never be able to dictate what people can and cannot do with their own legally purchased and owned property. This can easily lead to conscription or forced labor as the government is forcing people to do things.

A concern of solving issues of discrimination through legislation is that it expands the size and scope of government. Whenever a piece of legislation is enacted, a government agency is usually responsible for overseeing the enforcement of the regulations and mandates. Issues of discrimination often do not have an agency to enforce them (otherwise there would be no need for the bill), meaning yet another agency must be created.

Issues of discrimination can be solved by manipulating market forces to send a clear message to the business or entity engaging in the bigotry. This avoids issues of the encroachment of rights and expansion of the government.

Logan Paul Is An Obnoxious Entitled Brat Who Deserves To Make Money

By Spencer Kellogg | United States

YouTube has demonetized the site of one of its biggest stars. Logan Paul, the controversial video blogger who recently found himself the center of criticism for publishing a video of a dead body in Japan’s famous suicide forest, has seen his ad revenue temporarily suspended from the video sharing platform YouTube.

I have only seen a few videos from Mr. Paul but each one of them was filled with the type of white suburban presumptuous idiotic behavior that many Americans find appallingly out of touch. His videos consist of him and his friends doing stupid lite-jackass style skits in his audacious $7 million dollar LA home. His modus operandi is simple: piss people off and don’t give a damn about it. That was until recently when mainstream media began picking up the stories of Paul’s moronic behavior and publicly demanding apologies.

Paul’s rise to fame is part and parcel of the internet economy that can launch a person’s career overnight. Paul had made news before after his neighbors repeatedly called the cops over noise complaints. However, his trip to Japan was the last straw for many as the lanky blonde made a series of racist jokes stereotyping Japanese people and culture.

I see this jubilant little prick for what he is. Paul is a disgusting enigma bereft of decency and self-reflection. And yet, I fully 100% believe YouTube is in the wrong here. Let’s make things clear: Mr. Paul is not donning Neo-Nazi regalia and saluting pictures of Hitler. He is a poor man’s Johnny Knoxville and it is only our heightened political correctness that has created an environment where saying and doing things beyond the pale of the accepted discourse of liberals can ruin your career.

Also, let me point out the fact that many of Mr. Paul’s viewers enjoyed the borderline racist skits that saw Paul running around Tokyo throwing Pokeballs at unsuspecting people. This skit was reminiscent of the time that Jackass went to Japan and dressed up in a panda suit and went running around the city smashing into vendors and people, causing mayhem in general.

Back then, at the turn of the century, we all laughed. In the video, you can see Japanese citizens enjoying the stupidness of our American patriots dressed up in panda garb and the video did little to curb the insatiable desire for Knoxville’s team of anti-pc hellions. Oh, and MTV got rich too. Today, Paul is looking at a wave of angry criticism and a massive loss of revenue.

Why? His viewership hasn’t fallen. Sure, there’s been the apology tour from one morning show to the next, but that audience has never been his audience. The backlash created in the wake of his newest work has primarily come from voices that do not enjoy his work and would never watch his channel to begin with. In other words, his show is being censored not due to lost views or interest but through the force of morality pushing suburbanite cucks gasping for air in the postmodern academic cloud of temporary righteousness.

And? Who cares if he is a sociopathic Barney. Who cares if his audience is full of “boys whose balls ain’t dropped?” All I care about is the use of force by a propaganda army against free speech. When YouTube decides to pull the ad revenue from one of its leading channels the reason better be pretty damn good. Here, it is not. Again one of the leading social networks of our time has cratered to the “progressive” leanings of dogmatic leftism. For all of his obnoxious brat behavior, lovers of free speech and liberty should be united on this topic.

Mr. Paul doesn’t deserve your love your support or your sympathy but he does deserve rightful payment for work that brings millions of viewers to YouTube’s platform.