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The Libertarian Party will Rise from Ashes of Intolerance

Within the last week, I have started college at a small liberal arts school located deep in the Virginia countryside. The demographics of this school worried me as they are overwhelmingly white and political stance is almost completely Republican. However, throughout my week and a half here, I have noticed that the freshman class that I belong to is part of the overall trend of a libertarian wave.

Intolerance Across the Spectrum

Through talking with my peers I have tried to gauge where they stand politically. In my dorm several classmates I have talked to have held firm mainstream Republican beliefs. However, after a discussion on Trump’s trade war, several of them wanted to know what my ideology was. After a brief discussion on what makes a libertarian, it is safe to say that they were somewhat hooked.

Another growing trend among young adults is an increasing embracement of the radical ends of the spectrum. For example, my roommate for this year identifies himself as a white nationalist. He believes in getting back to what he views as the roots of America. One might also call him a traditionalist, as he believes firmly in traditional gender roles. He also holds the segregationist belief in keeping people of different races apart. Of course, I personally don’t endorse his ideas, but I present them as an example of the growing trend of extremism in America.

The same thing exists on the left end of the spectrum, with the Black Power movement calling for just as bad of a power imbalance with black supremacy. This growing trend of extremism is dangerous. It often leaves those entering the political arena without a just banner to rally around. As the parties continue to drift off, compromise on key issues will keep waning. As a result, the hostility, intolerance, and vitriol that fills modern day politics will only worsen. After this toxic system sets in, there is no recourse, as America will have set its own lines of battle.

A Libertarian Future Awaits

This is why the third party vote matters. After partisanship slogs down the major parties, the third party vote will restore reason in America.

That being said, the Libertarian Party is unique, as it takes multiple forms. When America needs the third party vote desperately, the Libertarian Party will rise to the occasion. The party is very accepting of all types of people, ranging from strict believers in the Constitution to anarchists.

Ironically, what ties us together as a party is a belief in personal sovereignty. With these level-headed goals in mind, it is unthinkable that those rational people left in the middle of no man’s land will neglect a party that promotes freedom and equality. The party is the antidote of intolerance. The Libertarian Party has a bright future as more people flock to the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

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A Free Society Doesn’t Assault and Kill Children

By Ryan Lau | @agorisms

There is something fundamentally wrong with the United States of America. The time for patriotism, for honor, for pride, has long since run off like an embarrassed father of a financially failing family. Now, long since buried in a morose depression, it is time to weep. The economy, as it stands today, is in a simply excellent condition. Unemployment is low, incomes are up. Technology only continues to advance, as the quality of living increases for everyone across the globe. Our esteemed free society, in the eyes of many, is in the midst of some of its best times. This all matters very little.

In the grand scheme of things, most would agree that human life is the most valuable resource. However, it appears that the leaders of our society do not share this seemingly obvious opinion. For time and time again, they continue to violate the basic law of nature, compassion and morality, by assaulting the most innocent members of our society. Ladies and gents, the United States government, comprised of the professed rulers of a free society, is continually killing and assaulting innocent children. This is not compatible with the ideals of freedom and prosperity.

In the past week, two blatant violations of morality stand out, in particular. Many others have undoubtedly occurred and been forgotten like a high school outsider. The thing is, matters of life or death are more important than some American’s exclusion. All lives matter. Black lives matter, police lives matter, and foreign lives matter. None matter more than any other, and there is absolutely no need to senselessly politicize any of them, when the government respects none of them.

To the foreign soldiers killed by American soldiers this week, I am sincerely sorry you had to die, and wish you a gentle journey to the afterlife. I wish the exact same for American soldiers killed by foreign soldiers, and foreign soldiers killed by other foreign soldiers. Nationality does not define the meaning of a life. Thus, your badge and flag do not give your life any more intrinsic meaning than anyone else’s.

Coming back home, though, it is obvious that not only soldiers have a violence problem. Our free society’s very own police force has quite a lot of the same.

Just a couple of days ago, a tragedy occurred in Cincinnati. After an eleven year old girl stole small amounts of food from a Kroger, an unnamed, off-duty officer brutally Tased the girl, leaving gashes on her back. This is simply not an acceptable action. The girl’s mother, Donna Gowdy, states it perfectly. “If you can’t handle an 11-year-old child, then you really need to get off the police force.”

The fact that America needs to have this discussion at all is mind-boggling. The officer, it appears, will not be facing any charges for his actions. In fact, Cincinnati policy allows the police to use tasers on anyone between the ages of 7 and 70. In what world is it necessary or acceptable to use potentially lethal force on a seven year old child? Surely this cannot occur in a free society. Perhaps the world needs new standards on just what a free society really is…

Going beyond our own borders, the American trail of blood only deepens, both metaphorically and literally. More specifically, this week’s news moves from assault to death. Thursday morning in Yemen, the United States gave fuel, weapons, and mid-air support to planes in their coalition with the UK and Saudi Arabia. Their collective results? One of the planes hit a bus in the middle of a marketplace. The bus was carrying a group of children on their way to summer camp. Because of the ever so free society and their military coalition, dozens of children will never make it to summer camp.

Free societies do not kill children, and they furthermore do not call it collateral damage. But from Vietnam to the Gulf, both of those things are constant. The state dehumanizes these civilians, whittling away their lives one by one. The empire feeds on the blood of the innocent. The only way to end this is to end war and to bring back accountability. All lives matter, whether domestic or foreign, and a truly free society will always recognize this. America, it’s time for you to become one.

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An Interview With Maj Toure, Founder Of Black Guns Matter

By Spencer Kellogg | @TheNewTreasury

Maj Toure is founder of the firearms and safety training organization Black Guns Matter. He is a passionate advocate for gun ownership and education. In the past few years Toure has become a leading voice for second amendment advocation in the cities of America. He is currently on a 50 state tour to spread his message. 71 Republic’s Spencer Kellogg spoke by phone with Mr. Toure last week:

Who Are You & What Do You Do:

I am the founder of Black Guns Matter, we are a firearm and safety training organization. I’m from Philadelphia and that’s where we’re based out of. The birthplace of America. We go to urban areas in the country where there are high levels of gun control and inform people who want to know how to safely, responsibly and lawfully own firearms. We also give them information on the second amendment and how it applies to them. A lot of times, people in urban areas don’t think the second amendment applies to them and that’s the furthest thing from the truth. We are trying to make the hood great again.

On Gun Control

The root of gun control is racist. All forms of gun control come right after emancipation because you had black people that had the ability to be full citizens. That’s where Jim Crow comes from. We couldn’t have black people that were just slaves having the means to defend themselves. That’s why people of color in America have a strong history with firearms because they were used for the same reason that any other person uses them for; to defend their life and to protect their liberty. After emancipation large pockets of African Americans go to Detroit, Chicago, LA, Atlanta. That’s where gun control followed. Gun control is not necessarily about gun control. Gun control is about people control. If I have the means to defend myself just like the founding father’s did (and you do), and I know that… It’s much more difficult to control me.

On Evil & Mass Shootings

There is evil in the world. People always tout Australia or The United Kingdom for their limitations on firearms but they also don’t factor in that they’re stabbings are through the roof. They leave that part out. There are evil people in the world. The questions becomes, If they have the tool and their intent is to fuck shit up, do you at least want the fighting chance to defend yourself from the people with the evil intent? If I’m the person that’s in that school. That teacher. That assistant. Those children. At that moment, they would’ve given all the money in their bank account for one firearm to have the ability to defend themselves or their children. The person that’s doing this may be a psychopath on one level, but they’re not stupid. There’s never a mass shooting at a gun range or a police department because you know there are people there to return fire.

We talk about respect for our veterans but a lot of our veterans are homeless, don’t have jobs & don’t have insurance. Imagine if there were two or three armed vets at that school along with certain teachers that decided they wanted to take the training and have a biometric safe in their class as a last line of defense.

On Guns In The School

50 years ago, firearms safety was a class in public schools in America. Crime was down. Those people who say “I can’t imagine a school with a firearm in it,” they’re crazy and they don’t know history. Time magazine has done reporting on this. This was a class in American Public Schools but we get very short termed on our memory and the media make it seem like an insane thing that could never happen because the media is in league with people that do not want you to have the ability to defend yourself.

On The Second Amendment

When the founding fathers wrote the second amendment, it’s very clear that it was there to defend against a tyrannical government. Not just for hunting. Some say “you live in an urban area, you don’t need to hunt.” That’s not what the second amendment is for. When they wrote it, our governing body had just come from a tyrannical situation in Britain. They were the felons, per say. If they had lost the Revolutionary War, they would’ve been sent back and hung. When they wrote that, they were thinking about having a system of checks and balances that said we the people run things.

Do You Trust Your Government?

It’s not about trust – it’s about knowledge. I know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I also know who I love and care about. It’s not about distrusting anybody else, it’s about the trust and love that I have for my friends, family and way of life. That’s what these firearms are for. If someone is trying to stop my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, my firearm will defend those things. I think that people are too dependent on government, and because of that don’t even feel like they should fight back against certain things. The government works for you. You do not work for the government.

What Is Your Political Affiliation?

I have to exist everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I don’t stand anywhere politically.


On Black Lives Matter

No we’re not affiliated with them at all. Not in a negative way but for me, they advocated ‘hands up don’t shoot’ and that’s a very submissive position. I don’t take that position. I will never fucking surrender, ever.

What Are Your Opinions On The NRA?

I think the NRA is the largest civil rights organization in the world. I don’t think they do a good job showcasing some of the support they’ve had for the minority community. They don’t promote what they did for Ottis McDonald enough. McDonald fought back successfully. Chicago was trying to stop firearms and handguns in the inner city and the NRA supported McDonald with his case. I think they’re not doing a good enough job explaining how they helped out that and that’s where I think they’re dropping the ball. We could end “the NRA is racist talk” if they just make certain moves. The money they spend on food budgets and flights, they could finance the rest of our tour. We could end the racist conversation immediately. I was at the annual meeting last April and I’ll be at the one coming up in Dallas on May 2nd.

What Has Been The Biggest Success As An Organization?

Getting firearms training in the public schools and working on the curriculum to try and get that into all the schools in America.

On The Founding Fathers

The founders of those documents were from the hood. They were hood, just like us. Over time, we’ve deified them but they were the poor dudes. They turned into something else but they were the original boots on the ground. I read everything that people in different demographics tell you ‘don’t read.’ If someone says ‘oh, that’s not for you,’ then I’m reading it.

On Guns & Philly:

I’ve always had guns. I’m from North Philly. I can get a gun quicker than I can get a soda. There are guns everywhere in Philly. There are guns in ever major city and there is supposed to be! The problem is, the information is marketed that only the bad guys or cops have firearms. Now you have this mentality of fear and that you’re doing a bad thing when you really just have a firearm for the same reason the police have it – to protect themselves and their loved ones from the bullshit. Then they make laws where you get 5 years for not filling out this piece of paperwork and you’re a felon. Nobody wants to be open about it. How can we do this without getting trapped? How can we inform people from the beginning so they understand their fundamental rights? Every single city that I’ve gone to, everybody’s got a possession charge. Not that they shot someone, not that they robbed a liquor store, not like they were knocking over old ladies. They’ve got a possession charge and are staring at 5 years for even having it. Then you see that it’s a highly organized phenomena and you start organizing against it. We’re gonna overturn the bullshit just like our founding fathers did. It’s people expressing their voice and it’s the American thing to do! So, we’re doing it.