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Bomb hits Beirut barracks

The Last Thoughts of Delavan, Killed by an American Bomb

A touching fictional narrative story about the demise of Delavan, a kind young man unfortunately thrown into a society with little possible escape

Rand Paul Betrayed Us, But He Is Not Alone

Senator Paul and Senator Coons have betrayed their constituents with their recent actions in the Senate.

The Endless War – Iraq 15 Years Later

The American legacy in Iraq and the Middle East is one of blood, oil & endless tyranny.

Explosion In Austin Texas Leaves One Dead

FBI Responds After A Package Exploded In Downtown Austin Monday Morning


BOMBS AWAY: Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” Algorithm Can Prompt Users To Buy Bomb Making Ingredients

The E-Commerce giant is facing backlash after it's "Frequently Bought Together" algorithm suggests bomb making ingredients to customers.