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Is Trump’s Wall What’s Best At The Border?

Building a wall along the southern border with Mexico is not only fiscally irresponsible but is impractical and would likely not solve illegal immigration.

Trump address to the nation

Recapping President Trump’s Address to the Nation

In President Trump's first address to the nation, he gave a bold speech about the border wall and ongoing government shutdown.

IRS To Issue Tax Refunds During Government Shutdown

The Internal Revenue Service, despite fears that the government shutdown will continue into filing season, will provide tax refunds to those who file.

A True Immigration Solution

The libertarian proposal for immigration reform of ending the welfare state and opening the borders is far more practical than what either side has offered.

Heavy Elitism Created Trump and a Movement of Populism

Right populism is on the rise, and it is largely because of elitism in the media.

This Could Be My Family

The Global Community Must Not Engage In Appeasement

While People Are Busy Tearing Down Walls, Some Governments Still Insist On Building Them

People are tearing walls down. Why must governments build them?

Honduran Refugees

1500 Honduran Refugees Headed North

Historical caravan moves closer to United States


If You Want a Border Wall Funded by the Government You are the Socialist You Despise

Republicans are not consistent in belief if they support this massive spending plan.