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Government Could Be Funded Without Taxation

The State can collect revenue through means other than taxing income and property, and still raise the revenue needed to fund a minarchist state.

Over Three Fourths of Americans are Broke. Why?

An increasing number of Americans are broke, and there are several obvious culprits responsible for the lack of financial success rampant in the country.

The National Debt Mess: How did we Get There?

An explanation of our federal debt crisis.

New York Could Legalize Marijuana Soon

New York could be the tenth state to legalize marijuana if all goes well with a planned study.

Trump’s Epically Anti-Libertarian Moment

Trump's Trade War Is Hurting Americans At Home

Rand Paul Says $1.5 Trillion Dollar Budget A “Rotten & Terrible” Way To Govern

The Kentucky Senator Takes Aim At The Washington Swamp


Amtrak On Track For 37 Accidents In 2018

Over the last 60 days, Amtrak has averaged 1 accident every 10 days. If accidents continue at this rate, Amtrak trains will have be involved in over 30 accidents by the end of 2018.