Tag: Business Right to Discriminate

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should be Eating at The Little Red Hen

Though The Little Red Hen had a right to refuse to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders, it showed a lack of moral judgement.

Oregon is Destroying Private Property Rights Through “Bake the Cake” Decisions

Oregon's decision in the suit of the cake bakers is very dangerous for private property.

Governmental Regulation: The Antiquated Barrier to Fresh Growth in America – Jesse Stretch

Barriers to growth and virtual impossibilities exist in the governmentally-instituted regulatory system that make starting or growing a small, fully compliant business almost impossible for the average working American.

Your Business, Not Your Choice

Many claim that by supporting business’ right to discriminate immediately means that you are a bigot or racist. This is wrong.

OPINION: Yes, Businesses Should Be Allowed to Discriminate

Yes, businesses should be allowed to discriminate. But that doesn't mean that they will.