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The $15 Minimum Wage is a Self-Defeating Goal

Evidence shows minimum wage hikes incentivize business owners to automate would-be minimum wage positions.

Keynesian Economics: A Misleading Policy

Keynesian economics, though often touted as successful, has a number of key pitfalls

The Case for Complete Global Free Trade

The world should adopt a free trade policy

South Korea Proposes Lifting ICO Ban

South Korea is looking to lift its 2017 ban of ICO projects.

Minimum Wages Only Hurt the Economy

The existence of the minimum wage is bad for the economy


Wyoming: An American Fiscal Haven

The least populated state in the nation has taken bold steps towards economic freedom.

Fiscal Conservatism is Dead

The government cannot properly fund its own programs yet we are sending billions to countries that hate us.


Trump Ends His Glory Streak

Mr. President has played with all of our emotions.

The Fight Against $15?

The deliberate attempt to control the free market limits financial gain for the common individual and prohibits opportunity to expand a business, which only points toward one solution: abolishing the minimum wage entirely.

Deputized Police are Destroying Trust in Law Enforcement

Eliminating the 287(g) program will create an environment that encourages community trust, boosts the economy, and respects the civil rights of all Americans.