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California Leftists Want To Control How You Eat

Ultra Liberal State Legislatures Push For Ban On Corporate Cafeterias

California Legislation Goes After “Fundamentalist Christian” Views of Sexuality

Does freedom mean freedom to speak, or does it mean freedom to censor speech that you don't like?

California or The Ministry of Truth?

A new fake news policy in California calls into question the limits of how far government should go when it comes to deciding on matters of truth.


California House Leader Proposes a Ban on Restaurants Offering Unsolicited Straws

California's new joke of a legislation attempts to target straws.

California Kicks Off 2018 With Statewide Legalization Of Marijuana, Kinda

The west coast state has made a big step towards pot legalization.

California’s Murder of Gun Rights

The left-leaning state has been attacking gun rights senselessly.

California Shooting Proves the Futility and Tyranny of State’s Rights

The state's rights card has had its last pull.

New California Law Requires Warning Labels For Gun Sales

Governor Jerry Brown has signed three new gun control bills into law.