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Gun Groups File Lawsuit in Defense of California Gun Owners

Firearms Policy Coalition, Calguns Foundation, and other pro gun groups have filed a joint suit to defend two gun owners' right to bear arms in California.

Minimum Wage Raises Are Causing Price Hikes – Just As Expected

The minimum wage leads to a surplus of low-skilled workers who cannot sell their time because the government mandated that they cannot reach a voluntary agreement with their employer.

Revolver with bullets scattered around

Governor Jerry Brown’s New Gun Control Laws Are Foolish

Recent gun control measures signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown will prove ineffective for several reasons.

California Wants to Regulate Options for Kids’ Drinks

A new bill in California would affect the way that restaurants in California can market drinks, in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

Santa Monica Could Soon Ban Bird and Lime E-Scooters

This Tuesday evening, the city of Santa Monica is debating whether or not to ban Bird and Lime e-scooters from their streets.

California Leftists Want To Control How You Eat

Ultra Liberal State Legislatures Push For Ban On Corporate Cafeterias

Initiative to Break California Into 3 States Fails Before It Begins

Though the movement to break California into 3 received the signatures it needs for a vote, such a vote will not be occurring this year.

California’s Solar Panel Mandate Worsens Ongoing Crises

California's new law on solar housing will cripple their economy.

What does California’s Success Say About the Free Market?

California's economic success is largely due to free market principles.

California Legislation Goes After “Fundamentalist Christian” Views of Sexuality

Does freedom mean freedom to speak, or does it mean freedom to censor speech that you don't like?