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Politicon 2018 Recap

Joshua D. Glawson | United States

Politicon 2018 was another success. Held in the LA Convention Center on October 20th and 21st in Los Angeles, California, the annual “Comic-Con” of politics continues to include people from all political perspectives, discussing and debating, presenting and mingling. The largest corporate news source present was MSNBC who provided free tote bags freshly made in front of you and a huge stage in the center where news anchors spoke on contentious topics such as race and sex, among others.

The greatest blatant comical relief was nearing the comical caricaturized Trump blimp who was portrayed in the image of a whiny baby holding a phone, probably Tweeting something sour.

There were not as many vendors this year, and the LA Convention Center was probably too big and spread out to host Politicon, as opposed to the Pasadena Convention Center where Politicon has been held for two years prior. Some people were confused as to where to go and when people were speaking.

Nevertheless, Politicon was a great time this past weekend. A couple of key heated debates were that of TurningPoint USA’s (TPUSA) Charlie Kirk versus The Young Turks’ (TYT) Hasan Piker:

and a debate with TYT’s Cenk Uygur versus Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:


Of course, both of these so-called debates were riddled with logical fallacies, emotions, and inconsistent philosophy such as the role of government and its limitations, fear-mongering on both sides, the push for regulations of technology and people, etc. Coincidentally, another bruise in American politics was present posthumously, i.e. the Nixon Foundation, with the former US President’s lackluster limo including deflated tires and all, and a booth displaying various images of Richard Nixon.

As a side note, in response and staunch opposition to Nixon’s policies is what helped start the Libertarian Party in 1971; and the ’71’ in “71 Republic” is an homage to the founding of the Libertarian Party.

It was great seeing some familiar faces, such as former Presidential candidate Austin Petersen; former Vice President candidate, photographer, entrepreneur, and owner of the award-winning marijuana company Lit.ClubJudd Weiss; Libertarian writer and speaker – Avens O’Brien; Libertarian Party of California State Chair – Honor “Mimi” Robson; the Mises Institute; Free and Equal Elections‘ – Christina Tobin; along with many others.

I, Joshua D. Glawson, was also there representing 71 Republic, donning a costume, taking notes, and speaking with various people:

I look forward to next year’s Politicon, and I hope to see more libertarian scholars present to accurately debate those that only want to impose the State on everyone for their own constantly changing agendas and overall Statism.

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71R Book Review: The Fight For America’s Future, by Charlie Kirk

By Colin Louis | United States

The Fight For America’s future by Charlie Kirk is an excellent read that dives into the history, preservation, importance, and securement of the second amendment. Kirk covers hunting, personal defense, and destroying tyranny. Kirk’s arguments are logically researched.

Kirk displays an understanding as well as applications of the ideas laid out by the Founding Fathers. Kirk uses logic and facts to destroy almost all anti-Second Amendment arguments. His display of facts is strong and powerful. In its 98 pages, the book has roughly 50 citations. The arguments used are certainly not flimsy, they are strong and filled with logic and data.

Aside from the brilliant understanding of the Constitution, an interesting piece of the this book is that Kirk shows a more libertarian flare. He quoted Milton Friedman and Rand Paul in his writing. Not only does Kirk show support for using arms for self-defense, he promotes using weaponry to over through tyranny, which is a more libertarian position.

Kirks style of writing is easy on the mind. Certainly, if you are looking for solid arguments against gun control this is your book. It dives into the ideas laid out by the founding fathers and is written in plain English.

The author, Charlie Kirk is an extremely accomplished individual for his age. At the age of 24, he was the youngest speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention, an extremely active member of the Trump campaign, and founder of Turning Point USA. This was Kirk’s third book.

The book turns out to be factual, informative, and intriguing.