Greta Thunberg: A Virtue Signaling Disaster

Greta Thunberg climate change
Othman J. Mekhloufi | @othmanmekhloufi

Young, red-cheeked, cute, and female, Greta Thunberg checks all of the boxes. As a result, the blissfully ignorant have fallen in love with her and bought into her baseless, nonsensical statements. Yesterday morning, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist filed a complaint with the United Nations against five of the world’s major economies, alleging they violated human rights by not taking adequate measures to halt climate change. Namely, she criticized France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey.

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Private Sector Finds Solutions to Atmospheric CO2 Levels

co2 emissions air pollution
Peyton Gouzien | @pgouzien

With concerns over what rising atmospheric CO2 levels are doing to our planet, politicians are scrambling to find solutions. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is one attempt to solve this problem. Though the Green New Deal failed to pass, the private sector has made considerable progress towards sustainability. Multiple companies have developed technology that has been able to remove CO2 from the air, some with added benefits.

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Ocean Builders Is Creating Floating ‘Seastead’ Cities

seastead floating cities ocean builders
Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

After years of planning, developing, and speculating, the seastead project is becoming a reality. What is a seastead? Basically, it’s a floating platform of any size that serves as a permanent place of residence. It also may host businesses, hotels, or other permanent establishments. In simple terms, a seastead is a floating city.

The Seasteading Institute, one of the major organizations behind the project, believes this will help solve some of the planet’s most pressing issues: climate change, bad government, and overpopulation. This year, they’ve made their biggest leap yet.

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The Green New Deal Failed, but Is the World Doomed?

green new deal
Garrett Summers | United States

On March 26, the Senate voted 0-57 on the Green New Deal. This is a Senate version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s House Green New Deal. The Green New Deal was introduced to the Senate by Senator Markey (Massachusetts- D). Senate leader Mitch McConnell wanted the citizens to know where their Senators stood on the Green New Deal. Given such, he referred it to the floor for a vote.

Fearing that a rift between moderate and more radical Democrats, Democrats chose to vote “present” on the bill. This is interesting because a study highly touted by the Democrats claims that the world has 12 years to limit climate change or the world may face irreversible consequences. If Senate Democrats truly held this belief, why would they not vote for this bill? Many Democrats fear that support of the Green New Deal could alienate their moderate base and split the party. This is all the more dangerous, especially when approaching an election year.

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