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The Distortion of Liberalism

Liberalism has gone from an ideology seeking to protect individual's rights and keep them free, to a hypocritical philosophy of big government benevolence.

Timothy McVeigh bombs Murrah building

Libertarians Must Reject Violent Figures Like McVeigh

In order to be pure and consistent, members of the liberty movement must reject violent self-proclaimed freedom fighters like Timothy McVeigh.

Who Would Sign the Social Contract?

If individuals had any say in the matter, they would not sign the always-fluctuating and highly volatile social contract that the state forces on us.

Jesus at the Last Supper.

No, Jesus Was Not a Socialist

Despite what many believe, Jesus was not a socialist, as socialism requires coercion, which Jesus universally opposes.

Drug Prohibition is Not the Government’s Responsibility

Drug prohibition is an inherently violent policy.

Advocacy For Any Law is Advocacy For Violence

When we talk about the betterment of society, it should be through the paradigm of peace, cooperation, and voluntarism.

The State Against The Family

The family unit is under attack by the state, but it can also be used as a line of defense.