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Charles Taylor’s Modern Social Imaginaries: Getting Western Thought Wrong

It is evident that the basis of western society is individualism and the goal of attaining success, whatever that may be, contrary to Taylor's thesis.

Movements Are Visionary, Not Cautious

Ambitious plans are what liberalism needs now

Groupthink angry crowd

Groupthink Is a Threat to Justice and Reason

Holding an idea because a majority happens to support it is a dangerous form of groupthink that endangers the notion of liberty and justice for all.

Collectivism Targets the Weak

Collectivist ideologies destroy the sanctity of the individual and appeal to the weak, who seek to use government as an apparatus for their own betterment.

Collectivism Has Destroyed Venezuela

The collectivist regime of Venezuelan President Maduro has caused a large amount of the nation's population to flee the country in the search for hope.

A Healthy Dose of Collectivism is in Our Individual Interest

Society is a collective effort, created by the work of many, while only benefiting the few. Those at the top keep their power at the expense of the poor.

Labor Unions Destroyed the Sanctity of the Worker

Labor unions have become obsolete due to their tendency to destabilize the labor market and increase prices of goods.

Post-Scarcity is Utopian and Unattainable in Society

Post-scarcity is simply not possible with finite time and energy in the world.

Faith and Love: Rand’s Critical Error

Ayn Rand's objectivism wrongly disregards faith and love.

Common Misconceptions About The Universal Basic Income

As Automation Looms, UBI Rears Its Head