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Reed College Students Want to Throw Out Historical Authors Because They’re White

Reedies Against Racism wants to do away with white authors.

Hofstra Activists Demand The Removal Of Thomas Jefferson Statue

Left activists are advocating for the removal of a Thomas Jefferson statue because of racism.

The Generation Of Quit

The generation of entitlements, tantrums, and laziness shall be known as the generation of quit.


Students Ban Valentine’s Day Because It’s Offensive

Campus Reform went undercover at Cornell University armed with a fictitious petition.


“Build the Wall” Sign Declared Hate Speech at Stanford

Free speech seems to be in a precarious position at Stanford.

Free Speech Zones: A Backhanded Slap to Students

Free speech zones both eliminate the discussion associated with higher levels of learning and are unconstitutional.

Swarthmore College Offers a Class in “Queering God”

College classes now tell people that God may now fit into part of the LGBTQ community.

The Texas State University Star Begins to Target White Students

A Texas State University newspaper published a racist piece, telling people they shouldn't exist because of their DNA.

Affirmative Action: The Not so Fair “Fairness” Policy

A review of the issues within the system of affirmative action.

The New Radical and Violent Left

The left has taken a turn to violence.