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Campus Carry Bans Make Sexual Assault Easier

By disarming women who are legally able to concealed carry, campus carry bans are giving sexual assaulters more power over their victims.

Will Oklahoma Become The 15th Constitutional Carry State?

Oklahoma's House Public Safety Committee passes HB 2579, which allows for constitutional carry. Oklahoma may become the 15th constitutional carry state by the end of 2019.

Constitutional Carry: Defense Against Tyranny and Crime

As South Dakota joins the growing list of now 14 constitutional carry states, we must ask ourselves; why aren't all 50 on it?

BREAKING: Yeti Releases Statement on NRA “Break-up”

YETI has released a statement on their severing of ties with the NRA.


Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry: Which is Better?

Both concealed and open carry are important to American safety, but which is more effective?