D.C. Politics Is a Deep-Rooted Cancer

Richard Scott Howard | @TheNewTedCruz

As I type this, great deliberation is going on in Washington D.C. Principled men, elected by their constituents, are debating the great ideas in politics of our time. When the debate ends, a final vote will occur and a cross-party coalition of principled men will prevail. The victors will be gracious in their victory, the defeated humble in their loss, and the world will continue to go round.

At least, that’s the dream. 

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Kathy Zhu, Conservapedia, and Politics as Social Clubs

kathy zhu conservapedia social clubs
Ellie McFarland | @El_FarAwayLand

Recently, right-wing commentator and former Miss World America Kathy Zhu (@PoliticalKathy) burned down social media with her controversial statements about the state of modern conservatism in politics.

Zhu tweeted, “You don’t have to be traditional to believe in freedom and liberty. You can go to EDM concerts, you can smoke weed, you can own 6 cats, you can have colored hair, you can have piercings/tattoos, you can be vegan, you can care about the environment. It’s cool to be a conservative.”

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Dan Crenshaw: The Future of Conservatism

Crenshaw GOP Future conservative
Jack Parkos | @laissez_faire76

President Donald Trump has been described by many Republicans as the best leader since Reagan. Trump has lead a strong movement since he announced his campaign in 2016. He is building a strong race into the 2020 election. But what about after the 2020 election? What happens in 2024 or even further in the future? Who will be the next leader of the GOP? What is the future of the conservative movement? The answer may be staring us in the face: Dan Crenshaw.

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