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A New Type of Cyberattack is on the Rise: Cryptojacking

Indri Schaelicke | United States

As technology continues to advance, our lives are becoming more and more comfortable. Technology allows us to spend less time and energy doing basic tasks by automating them. Perhaps the most revolutionary invention of all time is the Internet, with many services being brought into the digital realm. It is now possible to buy products online from halfway around the world and do all of our banking from web-based apps and websites, tasks that a few decades ago might have taken hours to days to complete in the real world. Being able to do these tasks efficiently allows us to increase our productivity as we direct our scarce resources towards other ends. However, as more services are moved online and our use of the internet increases, so does the risk of cyberattacks and fraud. A new type of dangerous cyberattack is on the rise: Cryptojacking.

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JSE: The New Top Prospect of Crypto

By Michael Kay | USA

Currently, mining crypto is a trade that often only makes sense for ultra-rich corporations who have no problem with expanding loads of time and electricity. But soon, a new crypto-currency is going to hit the market and put the industry on its head. JSEcoin is a cryptocurrency that hasn’t yet been released (but can currently be mined), which has a wildly new way of farming. There are two major changes, which I believe, within a few months of it hitting the market, all other cryptos will begin to adapt to.

First, you can have other people mine for you, by using a script within a code. Using JSEcoin’s code, you can add a small patch of code into any website that you own, and with it, you can have any site visitors automatically mine for you, which means sites with more views earn more money. Soon, advertising will become less valuable, and instead, you will end up with sites who make massive profit merely on mining cryptocurrency, due to this major change. It will also mean that the ad-block industry will completely change, given that now sites will start to lose the need for advertising (which some viewers see as annoying), and will move to crypto.

However, it’s still unknown what the potential for hacking is, given that it means that anyone who uses the website given authorization for their workstation to be used to mine, and so because of this, anti-virus programs will be far more utilized. The second big change is that JSEcoin is aiming to “equalize” the industry, by capping mining speed (taking away some of the advantages that companies have in other currencies), and by using an in-browser mining tool, which enables users who don’t have enormously powerful computers to still operate the program.

This article might be helpful to those interested in crypto, given that this currency is still in development but is currently still useable (but you cannot cash out yet), and you are able to mine without a website as well, simply using your browser window. Good luck mining and enjoy!