Tag: Democracy Sucks


The Case against Democracy in a Free Society

Though many hail democracy as the best form of government, it is a failure of an idea that only takes away the people's rights and property.

A New Dawn for Cuba?

The drafting of a new constitution could offer Cuba a fast track to modernization and a new found respect for individual liberties.

The Case for Libertarian Monarchism, Part Two: Monarchy and Success

A monarchy, unlike a democracy, will act in the best interest of a country.

The Case for Libertarian Monarchism, Part One

Contrary to popular opinion, monarchism, rather than a form of democracy, is the best way to protect liberty.

World War 1 And The Danger Of The Ideology Of Democracy

World War 1 is a clouded war, so we need to look back to its root cause.


Is Patriotism a Gateway Drug to Slavery? – Jonny Watt

Is patriotism the mere act of loving one’s country, or is this movement detrimental to the wellbeing of society?

Voting Isn’t Working. What Will?

Voting Libertarian has not advanced the movement for freedom. Maybe it's time we try something a bit more extreme.

What is Democracy and Why Does it Suck?

Democracy is the failed god. What is it, though, and why is it failing?