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This Blockchain Project Could Save Venezuela

The Venezuelan Bolivar is constantly losing value, hurting all that hold the currency in the nation. However, thanks to the blockchain, this could change.

Are American Libertarians Inherently Consequentialists?

While it may seem that libertarians follow a consequentialist line of thinking, this philosophy for approaching the world has its limitations.

The Hysteria Over the Government Shutdown

The United States is facing a government shutdown, yet some Americans are not affected and are living their lives outside of this mass hysteria.

Universal Basic Income: Ultimately Botched and Inept

The idea of providing the nation's citizens with a Universal Basic Income is not only a flawed one but also one that would not be effective.

Minimum Wage Raises Are Causing Price Hikes – Just As Expected

The minimum wage leads to a surplus of low-skilled workers who cannot sell their time because the government mandated that they cannot reach a voluntary agreement with their employer.

Will Trump Take Down The Fed?

Our President narrows all of our economic issues down to only one problem: The Fed.

What Economics Should Teach Trump About the Opioid Crisis

Trump's calling for the world to end fentanyl distribution through the death penalty will not end well for anyone.

Trump’s Tariffs: A Tax on Us

The tariffs under President Trump will have a severely detrimental effect on the American economy in the coming months.

3 Times Anarcho-Capitalist Private Law Has Worked

While many may dismiss the idea of anarcho-capitalist law for its perceived lack of real-world success, here are three great examples of it working.

The True Cost of Socialized Healthcare: Canadian Eugenics

This action and similar ones are not a mere fluke, but a feature of a government-run system.