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Some Thoughts on the True Importance of Grades

The true measure of a well-rounded education is below 4.0, as many students with mediocre grades but creative minds are quite successful.

The Tyranny and Failure of Coercive Paternalism

Coercive Paternalism, the ideology that is responsible for government intervention in our daily lives, is flawed and neglects the rights of the individual.

The Current Education Model Benefits No One

The existing system of education in the US does nothing to cultivate a passion for learning in students and overburdens children from a young age.

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We Need a Revolution in American Education

The American education model, based off of the 19th Century Prussian model, has a clear disregard for the individuality of students in favor of Common Core.

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How Education Could Work in a Libertarian Culture

Our school system must shift towards one that gives individuals true human respect to choose their own methods of education.

The Nature of the High School Hierarchy

A student's social status is an important factor in determining the type of experience they have during high school, but exactly how does it determine that?

Trade School: Why You Don’t Need to Go to a University

Trade schools can save you time and money while still giving you the skills that are necessary for being successful in a range of future careers.

From The Information Age To The Era Of Intellectual Laziness

Modern America is what happens when we give a powerful communications tool to people who haven’t learned how to think.

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Working Teens Should Not be Forced Back to Public School

Public school is an inefficient and coercive institution that often prevents working teens from getting a jump-start on their careers.

A Pledge of Allegiance is a Communist Dream

The concept of a pledge of allegiance is outdated and belongs only in an Authoritarian state