Pete Buttigieg Plays the Blame Game

Pete Buttigieg plastic straws
Gillian Pietrowski | @GillianRoseP

Pete Buttigieg wants to tackle the climate crisis by guilt-tripping Americans. We’re living in a world where we are criticized and blamed if caught using a plastic straw or eating a hamburger. We meat-eaters who appreciate a good sip from a plastic straw are part of the climate problem.

The CNN interviewer in this clip is the perfect example of someone who has fallen prey to the ‘blame game’ as she proudly and (comically) explains how she’s stopped using plastic straws for the past 6 months.

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Interview: YAL VP Justin Greiss Talks Operation Win at the Door

justin greiss, operation win at the door
Derrell McIver | @BenjaminDMyles1

Justin Greiss (@LibertyGreiss) is the Vice President of Grassroots at Young Americans for Liberty. After quickly moving up the ranks in the student organization, Greiss took a hiatus to serve on Rand Paul’s presidential campaigns, as well as his Senatorial re-election campaigns. Then, after that election, Justin Greiss returned to Young Americans for Liberty and began building what would soon become Operation Win at the Door. Ultimately, Operation Win at the Door officially launched in the 2018 primary cycle. Justin Greiss discusses Operation Win at the Door with 71Republic Contributor Derrel McIver.

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Marianne Williamson: Bold, Outgoing, Magician

Marianne Williamson
Sanders Jett-Folk | United States

Marianne Williamson’s campaign for President has already reached the national stage, both bewildering and enticing voters across the nation. Her political background is in activism, though her true claim to fame is writing self-help books. Yet, Williamson believes she has what it takes to be the 46th President of the United States. But does she have a chance at defeating the Democratic establishment and Donald Trump?

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Robbery Report 2018: Harmful and Wasteful Tax Spending

tax robbery
Conner Drigotas | @cdrigs44

In 2018 I worked for 2,230.05 hours. An average of 46.46 hours per week for the 48 weeks I worked this year between February 1 and December 31. In the month of January, I was interviewing for the job I started in February.

I track my work hours meticulously. I am required to as part of my job at a law firm, even though I am not a lawyer.

In every hour that I worked this year, the government stole $12.48 from my paycheck. They then used that money to invade foreign countries, build bombs, and pay the salaries of people I do not trust.

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