Teachers Don’t Deserve a Pay Raise

teachers pay elizabeth warren
Landon Mion | @landon_mion

Elizabeth Warren has stated many times that if she is president, her administration will work to increase the pay of teachers, paraprofessionals, school staff, and school leaders. She makes the claim that public schools are underfunded and that teachers are not treated as professionals in terms of pay.

However, Warren is likely operating under a bias as a former public school teacher when she is lobbying for higher salaries. She has firsthand knowledge of what teachers get paid, so one would think she would be the ideal person to speak on the issue. Yet, flaws run deeply through her proposal.

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Biden Blunders: Candidate Forgets Party Affiliation

joe biden forgets libertarian party
Ryan Lau | @ryanlau71r

In Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, presidential candidate Joe Biden made instant history. With a confused statement regarding the capital gains tax, the candidate forgot for a brief moment that he was running as a Democrat. The 78-year-old man firmly asserted that he would “eliminate the capital gains tax” in an exchange with competitors. Following the debate, Biden apologized, explaining that he thought for a moment that he was running for the Libertarian nomination.

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State Senator Admits that Taxation Is Theft

daniel biss taxation is theft
Tyler Curtis | @tylercurtis42

In a rare and stunning example of political honesty, a state senator admitted a common libertarian mantra on Friday: taxation is theft. Responding to an article on Elizabeth Warren’s proposed “wealth tax” written by American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael R. Strain, former Democratic Illinois state senator Daniel Biss candidly stated that taxation is essentially thievery. 

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Warren Neglects Trump’s Name in Democratic Debates

Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic Debate
Dane Larsen | @_danebailey

Elizabeth Warren undoubtedly swept the floor with other the other candidates in the first night of the Democratic Primary Debates. Warren, a past Law School Professor at Rutgers and Senator from Massachusetts, brought out a shimmering light of progressivism. In a cast of Spanish-speaking and buzzword-feeding postulants grasping at straws, Warren held her own. The Congresswoman stuck to her campaign promises in a clear and concise tone.

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