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Unlikely Allies: French Police Join the Yellow Vests

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

The Yellow Vests protests go on, despite President Macron’s attempts to appease the movement. Gilets Jaunes will stop at nothing less of taking down the French status quo, which, in their eyes, culminates in Macron’s resignation from office.

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The French “Yellow Vests” Movement Is Not Slowing Down

Dane Larsen | @therealdanelars

“There is an extreme core of several thousand people who would come to Paris to destroy” – Jean-Michael Blanquer, French Minister of Education (Dec. 6)

For the past couple of weeks, since President Emmanuel Macron signed into law a gas tax hike on France, citizens have taken to the streets in protests that have taken a turn for the worst. With the peaceful protests came violent revolt by anti-Macron agitators who have dubbed themselves “Les Gilets Jaunes“, which translates to “The Yellow Vests”.

Macron’s initial intention was to de-incentivize driving, ultimately reducing carbon emissions. This particular proposal represented his stance on global warming and environmental-friendly protocol. However, the lower classes of France have voiced their discontent; protests, both peaceful and violent, are occurring across the country.

The radicals of the left and right alike have come together in a moment of unity to voice their outrage on the very streets where Macron spends his days. In an effort to create order, police lined in the streets surrounding the capitol. Protests turned violent when they started to shoot rubber bullets at activists.

Since then, the police have fired tear gas at the citizens and closed tourist attractions. The French government has also declared a national emergency. A recent poll, though, shows 72% of the French support the Yellow Vests. The uproar in France has caused a domino effect across Europe called the “European Spring“. The protests have inspired Yellow Vests so far in Belgium, Catalonia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, and The Netherlands.

The Yellow Vests Continue

Recently, Macron caved, suspending the gas tax hike he had signed. It appears that his reaction was mainly, if not entirely, to appease the masses. Macron’s policies themselves have yet to change. Despite his actions, the French Yellow Vests are continuing the European Spring, refusing to stop.

Hundreds of injuries and arrests have occurred in the past week alone, showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, on Thursday, December the 6th, students took to the streets to voice their disapproval, and the Yellow Vests are gearing up for hard-fighting protests on this upcoming Saturday, December the 8th.

Members of the French parliament and the President’s cabinet have articulated worry for the upcoming protest recently. The French Health Minister, Agnès Buzyn, stated: “There is a concern about this violence and some who do not want to find a solution”. Furthermore, the Prime Minister has shunned the protestors publicly. He insisted that “What is at stake is the safety of the French people and our institutions. I call here for responsibility”. He also added that “all the actors in this public debate, politicians, union leaders, and citizens, will be accountable for their statements in the coming days”.

71 Republic will continue to report on the injuries, arrests, and major story developments for the upcoming riots and protests this Saturday and afterward.

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Macron Goes Orwell

By Mason Mohon | FRANCE

Emmanuel Macron feels that he was the victim of misinformation during France’s previous election cycle, particularly from Russian news company RT. He holds the belief that they did not tell the truth about him and his beliefs, according to Reuters. They report that he has accused “TV channel RT of sowing disinformation about him via its website and social media during the campaign.”

This has prompted France’s president to entertain and take steps towards the idea of legislation in the media industry. Macron has stated that “If we want to protect liberal democracies, we must have strong legislation.” In his New Year’s address to journalists, we learned a lot, and a bit that we should be somewhat fearful about.

He specifically pointed out election times, where he said that “on internet platforms, the rules applying to content won’t be exactly the same.”

The intent he seems to be portraying is that with ‘fake news’ we cannot have a real election, so he needs to make sure that the media tells the truth. This is dangerous for obvious reasons.

Depending on what form this legislation will take, Macron could very well manipulate the next election cycle in his favor. Even under the guise of promotion of the truth, Macron could use this legislation for under the table deals where media begins to show things going in his favor.

It sets a dangerous precedent to have the state chooses what is true and what is not. This can easily turn the tides in favor of the government and puts the potential in place for them to get away with dangerous actions.