Ireland Belongs to the Irish

: Spencer_Kellogg

“Ireland her own, and all therein, from the sod to the sky. The soil of Ireland for the people of Ireland” – James Fintan Lalor

In the mid-1800s, roughly 1 million Irish people were starved and murdered by the British Empire over the course of the Great Famine. Contrary to popular belief, the Irish did not die by the hundreds of thousands due to the blighted potato crop. In truth, the British had plenty of food to sustain themselves and the Irish people through the five years of crop failure. The Brits simply chose not to and let close to 25% of the Irish population die.

Make no mistake about it: In British eyes, the Irish have always been nothing more than slaves. The only ‘special relationship’ the Irish ever had with the United Kingdom is 500 years of unwanted lords and kings. Even today, as the Brexit deadline looms large, the discussion about what to do with the northern border remains largely out of the hands and mouths of the Irish people.

As with almost all of modern Irish politics, the future of the island nation is being decided by the British Parliament, and in the halls of Brussels. Though the media focus squarely on the economic hurdles of a hard border, the bigger question of why the British still own any of Ireland in the first place remains.

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Central and Eastern Europe’s Growing Borderlands

central and eastern europe borderlands
Kevin Doremus | @k_doremus

Friends from Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, and Croatia talk about how in the West they are viewed as “eastern,” but in the East, they are considered western. There is a growing sense in Central and Eastern Europe of people who caught between two different worlds. Today, some migrants who left the region for better opportunities now want to return to what they call “home.” One common variable repeated by ex-expats was that they could not fully identify with the country they migrated to because of differences in historical experience.

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Confederation Coalition: A Polish Right Wing Gamble?

Janusz Korwin-Mikke confederation
Daniel Szewc | @szewc_daniel

S?awomir Mentzen, the vice-president of the new Confederation (Konfederacja) in Poland, has a bad reputation. He has directly stated that he doesn’t want Jews, homosexuals, abortion, taxes, or the European Union. Many may ask: what type of totalitarian is he? Who else would base their political program on such things? However, nobody would believe that the party is mostly filled with radical… libertarians!

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Article 13: Europe’s Attempt To Ruin The Internet

Article 13 11 EU copyright directive
Joseph Perkins | @counter_econ

Government regulation usually ruins everything it touches, and the internet is no exception. Whether it is the outdated anti-hacking laws in the United States such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act or the woefully misguided anti-human trafficking laws that are SESTA/FOSTA, governments have repeatedly failed to regulate the internet without unintended consequences. The latest instance of this is the EU Copyright Directive and within it, Article 13.

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