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Gender studies feminist march

Did Hungary Really Just Ban Gender Studies?

A Fox News story gave a blatantly inaccurate headline regarding Hungary's new policy towards gender studies programs.

Fake news media war

President Trump’s Dangerous War on the Media

The president's media war has already been used as a tool for inciting violence and suppressing fair and deserved criticism.

From The Information Age To The Era Of Intellectual Laziness

Modern America is what happens when we give a powerful communications tool to people who haven’t learned how to think.

California or The Ministry of Truth?

A new fake news policy in California calls into question the limits of how far government should go when it comes to deciding on matters of truth.

Dear CNN, Harassing People And Censoring Discussions Isn’t Okay

CNN is playing stories from all angles, just to force them into the mold of their narrative.

The Ridiculous Scaremongering About Rare And Tragic Shootings

Everytown's school shooting list is based on faulty data, intended only to make people scared.

The Fake News Awards Are Here

The President has called out a few instances of fake news, and why they especially stand out.

Is There a Need for Unbiased News?

Facts must be straight, and there is no place for laziness in research.

In a World of Fake, How Can We Find the Truth?

Fake news plagues the world today, so we need methods to be sure we are not falling victim to it.

If You’re Going to Attack the New Tax Plan, Use Some Sense

How CNN and the mainstream media continuously put journalism to shame.