Is Carlos Maza Representing Fascism at Vox?

carlos maza fascism steven crowder
Warren Albrecht | @DrW_Albrecht

Carlos Maza, a prominent political video personality at Vox, is suggesting that YouTube shut down Steven Crowder’s channel because he makes incredibly popular videos debunking Maza’s Vox Strikethrough videos and teasing his identity. In a tweet, he stated to supporters, “Anyway, If you want to help, I guess you can go to this dude’s videos and flag them?” BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions movement) strikes again.

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Fascism: What Does It Really Mean?

Hitler Mussolini fascism fascist
Ivan Misiura | United States

What is fascism and what does it stand for? In our political landscape, people throw the word around a lot, but they often have misconceptions about its true meaning. What, then, do acclaimed fascist leaders themselves have to say about it? Fascism is a tremendously complex ideology with books upon books explaining it, but a number of key principles are clear and simple.

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