The FDA Caused the Opioid Epidemic by Banning Darvocet

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Dr. Warren Albrecht | United States

Mark Thornton, of the Mises Institute, points to the Iron Law of Prohibition as a contributor to the opioid problem. Any prohibition will cause a switch from lower potency of drugs to higher potency. Examples are states with cannabis legalization who have fewer overdoses. But what if a good, middle of the road potent drug was removed from the options leaving the only low strength and high strength medication? When the FDA removed Propoxyphene (Pp), most commonly known as Darvon or Darvocet from, the market, they caused the opioid epidemic in 2010. A snowball effect began.

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The US Drug Scheduling System is Broken

Garrett Summers | @g_summ300

The Controlled Substances Act created the US system for ranking each drug by comparing their medicinal value to their potential for abuse. For Example, according to the DEA, schedule one drugs have no medicinal value and a high potential for abuse. Marijuana happens to fall into the schedule one group while cocaine is a schedule two drug. This means, according to the US Government, cocaine has more accepted medicinal uses than marijuana. Under the Controlled Substance Act, The FDA defines marijuana as a schedule one drug. Tt’s therefore “not safe to use even under medical supervision”. However, the DEA allows medical cocaine use with “severe restrictions.”

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TBHQ May Stick You With the Flu, Study Says

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Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

For years, there has been controversy surrounding the chemical tert-butylhydroquinone (TBHQ). Currently, it is in many food products as an antioxidant. Essentially, its function is to extend the shelf life of certain foods. Robert Freeborn, a toxicologist at Michigan State University, recently carried out a study that looked at its effects on the flu vaccine. The results were cause for worry for anyone who has received the shot.

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FDA Approves Ketamine-Derived Antidepressant

Benjamin Olsen | @benpleasestop

The FDA just approved a new antidepressant, the first of its kind. Unlike other antidepressants, this one is a nasal spray. Esketamine, under the brand name Spravato, is developed by Johnson & Johnson and has been in testing for the past 2 years. The drug has seen remarkable success. This success is interesting because the drug is closely tied to the club drug “Special K.” Related to MDMA, Special K is known as Ecstasy. This marks the first major breakthrough in the treatment of depression since the 1980s.

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