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The Police Aren’t Here to Protect

The land of the free houses excess of a million law enforcement officers. It is a myth that they're here to protect.

The Root of America’s Drug Problem

A look into America's sickness of drug use and its cause, addiction.

Pick Up the Antidote of Liberty

Authoritarianism and collectivism are on the rise. We need to rise up against these forces.

The Paradise of Libertarian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, like many other aspects of America, is facing a series of government created drawbacks.

The Correct Way to Legalize Drugs

There is a right way to go about fixing the war on drugs. This is it.

The Deep-Seated Flaws of American Police Policy

American police policy is not effective. Here's why.

From the Editor: What Makes a Person Good? – The Shadow

To become a good person, one must acquaint themselves with the shadows they so intensely fear.

ROY MOORE ROCKED: Four Women Accuse The Justice Of Sexual Misconduct

Roy Moore, who is the Republican Nominee for Alabama’s open Senate seat, found himself in a tough position today when four women came out and stated that Moore had pursued sexual relationships with them while still in their teens.

TSA Administrator Asks for Extra Funding Amid New Major Security Concerns

Internal, Security, and Administrative issues are plaguing the TSA. Is the answer more funding?


How the Left Obtained Their Media Monopoly

A play by play of how the left wing took over the media.