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The Florida Midterm Election Mess: A Recap

A recap of the election drama unfolding in Florida right now.

Joe Hannoush – Libertarian for Florida House District Twenty-Five

Joe Hannoush is the Libertarian candidate for District Twenty-Five of the Florida House of Representatives.

Nikolas Cruz Pointed Gun at Family, Report Says

Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz had a violent past.

An Open Letter to Young Advocates of Gun Control

An open letter addressed to the younger advocates of gun control and their movement.

NRA Sues Florida Over New Gun Regulations

The NRA has claimed that new Florida legislation violates the second amendment.

Mother Jones Will Now Attribute Anything to Global Warming

A recent Mother Jones Op-Ed blamed climate change for the recent snowfall in Florida.

Hug a Nazi

And hug a leftist too, while you're at it.