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Iran vs The World

Iran has been shaped, influenced, benefited, and harmed by the international community from almost the beginning.

US, Russia, and China Relations – Part 2

The sure way to peace is the age-old tale of continuing in free trade, having Justice systems that provide equality under the law and cease the prowess of global military might or dominance.

President Trump’s Turbulent Trade Tomfoolery

Trump's flip on trade spells out bad news for the United States

Reflections on Japan through a Libertarian Lens

A reflection on how libertarian the nation of Japan currently is

Jason Stapleton on Trump, Military Experience, and Libertarianism

Jason Stapleton is a libertarian radio host with a captivating past.

Canada, U.S. Co-Host Summit on North Korea

Amid tensions with North Korea, the U.S. and Canada met with 20 countries to look for a diplomatic option.

Trump Foreign Policy: An Anti-Globalist Crusade? An Aggressive Militaristic Regime? Or Both?

Libertarian non-interventionists and anti-globalists alike have much to be optimistic about, as well as a lot to be pessimistic about.

Flynn Charged for Falsifying Info Before FBI, While Hillary Clinton Walks Free

Michael Flynn has become the first senior White House official to pledge cooperation in the inquiry of election meddling.


Afghanistan: Trump and Change

Trump has recently announced a shift in how America will be operating in Afghan, what does this mean? Let's break it down.