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The Red Scarves Rise in Response to the Yellow Vests

In a hope to bring change to France in a different way, the Red Scarves are now rivaling the Yellow Vests in number and method for change.

Libertarians Need to Embrace Bitcoin to Succeed

The only way libertarianism can succeed is if it can sell a short term benefit to the masses. And Bitcoin is the way to do that.

The Yellow Vests Are The New Face Of Bitcoin

Protestors across France have turned their sights on the banks.

Unlikely Allies: French Police Join the Yellow Vests

Over the course of the protests, the French police have put in over 23 million hours of overtime that have yet to be paid.

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The French “Yellow Vests” Movement Is Not Slowing Down

Though French President Emmanuel Macron suspended his infamous gas tax hike, the Yellow Vests are set to rally again Saturday.

Yellow Vests anti Macron protests Paris France

What Americans Should Learn From the Yellow Vests

The Yellow Vests, unlike American advocates for freedom from government tyranny, know how to actually bring about change.

Riot police French students

French Students Protest Education Change Through Violent Demonstrations

After the Macron administration unveiled plans to massively change the education system, French students took to the streets in protest.

Yellow Vests Macron Paris snipers

BREAKING: French Government Opens Fire on Tax Protesters

In Paris, anti-Macron protestors called "Yellow Vests" are being shot at by the French police, resulting in at least 110 people injured.

The German Empire Lost World War One Before the Start

The German Empire, despite being a leading European power, lost the Great War before a shot was even fired due to military mistakes and underestimation.

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The Liberty-minded Solution to the Scallop War

The Scallop War of Britain and France is increasing international tensions, but a number of quick solutions may restore diplomacy to the friendly nations.