Tag: free speech under attack

Breaking The Rules Thoughtfully

What Alex Jones and a group of students in Tehran have to teach us about free speech.

How #GoldRush2018 Could Save the Supreme Court

Electing Libertarians to the Senate is the best way to depoliticize our Supreme Court.

Taking on the Duopoly – Bill Weld Sues the Winner-Take-All System

The Former Governor Is Suing Massachusetts Over Their Winner-Take-All Electoral System.


The Fear of Fake News May Be the End of Europe

Actions all across European countries set a dangerous precedent for the future of free speech.


GAB Goes Crypto: Free Speech Social Network Set To Launch ICO

GAB has been attacked as "Alt-Right" when in reality they represent unmasked free speech.


“Build the Wall” Sign Declared Hate Speech at Stanford

Free speech seems to be in a precarious position at Stanford.


Beware the Beast of Political Correctness

Political correctness is dangerous, so we must be vigilant.

California Prosecutes Man For Criticizing Islam On Social Media

Free speech is in trouble in California.