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OPINION: Trump Needs to Stop, from a Trump Supporter

Jake Melkun|USA

I wear my Make America Great Again hat almost every day, wear my Trump Pence shirt frequently, and hang up a Trump flag alongside a Gadsden flag in my bedroom. Yet, there is a lot that I really dislike him for.

During the election, I was almost a Trump robot. Every little thing about Trump I would defend him for. Albeit, I was not as educated nor as much of a free-thinker as I am today, although my views remain relatively unchanged. I know how to defend my ideas more since the election last year, and I have grown a lot as a political thinker. But, now I am not so quick and ready to defend President Trump on everything as I did in the past. Now, when I look at a criticism one has about him, I look into both sides and form my own opinion as one should. When doing so, you really begin to discover that he is not the saint nor the devil that people on both sides portray him as.

One of my biggest criticisms of him is his Twitter account. Many of the things that he says are inflammatory and are not appropriate whatsoever for the most important man in the country to say.

Now, instead of President Trump showing support for American jobs and upholding the Constitution, he is threatening to take away free speech from a media source because they said mean things about him. Much of what he says is true, and while he is not politically correct (and I love that about him), saying things like this is just flat out disrespectful and terrible for anyone to say.

It is not just his tweets that infuriate me, though. I support him because what he says is true to the working middle class, and his ideas regarding low taxes and keeping jobs in America are why he got elected. But, he often goes against his base and ends up directing hatred on all sides toward himself.

I also believe that he needs to try and stay out of controversy for a while. With the Obama administration, at least they were able to stay out of the press 24/7, as the majority of things he did ended up being very low-key and he was able to steer away from negative press attention. While it may be hard for the Trump administration to stay out of the press, they could make an attempt at not publicizing every little thing he does, and they could work towards making the President’s Twitter account more official.

Overall, our president has done quite a few great things regarding our economy and is keeping the majority of his campaign promises, but there are some things that just infuriate me, as well as many other Trump supporters across the country. No one is perfect, but Trump should stop acting as though he is because it will really affect him in the long run.