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The Yellow Vests Invade May Day in Paris

Ryan Lau | @RyanLau71R

For nearly six months now, protest movement “the yellow vests” (les gilets jaunes) has been taking to the streets in Paris, throughout France, and into other European countries. Through both peaceful and violent means, they have rallied against the unpopular regime of French president Emmanuel Macron.

The government has retaliated, killing at least 15 total civilians (12 in France, three in Belgium). They also have arrested and injured thousands. However, the protest group has gotten the French government to make a number of concessions. After peaking at a 72% approval rate, twice that of Macron, they have pressured the government to remove an infamous gas tax hike and promise an increase to the minimum wage. But the yellow vests have not stopped, finding new allies on Wednesday.

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Unlikely Allies: French Police Join the Yellow Vests

By Mason Mohon | @mohonofficial

The Yellow Vests protests go on, despite President Macron’s attempts to appease the movement. Gilets Jaunes will stop at nothing less of taking down the French status quo, which, in their eyes, culminates in Macron’s resignation from office.

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BREAKING: French Government Opens Fire on Tax Protesters

By Indri Schaelicke and Ryan Lau | United States

Videos and images circulating on Twitter Sunday night appear to show the French government snipers shooting protesters. There is currently confusion over whether the bullets fired are made of rubber or are real bullets. Regardless, many citizens are coming away with serious injuries.

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Californians Hate Their Gas Tax

By Jason Thompson | United States

Recently, a poll was conducted byContactshelper.com, on behalf of the Libertarian Party of California, to help determine what the average Californian thinks of the ridiculously high California gas tax. The poll was conducted from Feb. 13-17, 2018 from randomly selected voters from California voter records.

Currently, the California gas tax is the 6th highest in the nation. However, recently passed legislation will take it to the number 2 spot by 2019. Of the 848 likely voters that responded to our polling, the overwhelming majority (75%) were in favor of lowering the California gas tax. Only a very small percentage (9%) were in favor of this tax rising to the projected 2019 levels. The remainder of the polling sample was undecided.

Poll Question:  Hello California voter, we’d like to ask your opinion about the California Gas Tax. Are you in favor of raising the California Gas Tax, lowering the California Gas tax or have no opinion on the California Gas Tax?


635 – In favor of reducing the California Gas Tax

104 – No option / undecided

76 – In favor of raising the California Gas Tax

33 – No response

Results Total: 848

Contactshelper.com also conducted a poll forThe Libertarian Party of California of likely voters for the upcoming gubernatorial race. The results indicated that there is quite a bit of divisiveness and apathy for the ‘usual suspects’ foisted upon us by the tired, 2 party system.  Of the 397 responses, only a paltry 18% chose Gavin Newsom, the current frontrunner, and media darling. On the flip side, 10% responded that they would choose the virtually unknown Libertarian candidate Nickolas Wildstar for governor.

This is astounding since Wildstar has only recently begun to gain notice for his campaign, while the well-known career politician Newsom has been positioning himself with money and ranking status for this race for quite some time. The remainder of the respondents were spread throughout the other major candidates that are running currently, but the results indicate that a 3rd party candidate like Wildstar may be a serious contender in the upcoming election.

Poll Question:  As you know, 2018 is an election year for California Governor. If the election were tomorrow, who would you vote for Governor of California?


  1. 71 – Gavin Newsom
  2. 67 – Travis Allen
  3. 54 – Antonio Villaraigosa
  4. 44 – John Chiang
  5. 41 – Nickolas Wildstar
  6. 41 – No response.
  7. 40 – John Cox
  8. 18 – Zoltan Istvan
  9. 13 – Delaine Eastin
  10. 8 – Doug Ose

Results Total: 397

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