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The USA Cannot Let Turkey and Saudi Arabia Fall

Daniel Szewc | Poland Many question the morality of the USA's decision to maintain a strong relationship with the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. How can the bastion of global democracy associate itself with a well-established theocracy, as well as what seems like one that poised to adopt a similar model? ...

Russia and USA Meet

Cheating Destiny: The USA Can Beat China Using Russia

Though China is a formidable global player in geopolitics, the United States can retain a global presence by using India and Russia to its favor.

National Library of China

Learn from China: How to Beat America

By holding countries to a lower standard and not imposing democracy via nation-building, China is becoming a more attractive ally.

The Upcoming Revolution in Russian Geopolics

Russia is making several strategic choices in the way it approaches its future geopolitical alliances with the US and China